questionswhy has woot changed the design of the screaming…


Ummmm...because it's woot we're talking about here. By putting a new monkey out approximately once per month they are probably just trying to make them different from previous ones.


@jsimsace: I understand that the cape usually changes on each woot-off (and I am aware that there are "special" monkeys -giant, key chains, glow in the dark, etc.).

But the monkey design was the same - a monkey with a cap and cape.

the new design -the masked monkey, IMHO does not look as good and is usually the type you find on other sites.


Yes, it looks like the monkey this time around is a different manufacturer (and I agree that I prefer the hooded rather than masked style).
Either that, or the photos truly don't do it justice.
On the plus side, it still promises to scream like the souls of the damned stretching on the racks of Hades.


At least the monkeys are back! Missed them with first the flying pig and then nothing to send it off.


If it's those same monkeys you see around, I'd guess it's a cost-saving measure.


Hmmmm. New monkey manufacturer, new t-shirt supplier.... Do I see a pattern forming?


Yeah, the Monkey's look like they may have taken a dive in the quality dept...


It was not a cost saving measure. Believe me that we were just as surprised when they showed up as y'all were. I don't care for the "new" monkeys either but I still had to buy them and put them up in my collection.

I have already expressed my disapproval of this new design, for whatever its worth.


The last monkeys were of this same design. It's apparent that the old monkey company may have gone under. I tried going to the monkey website that was on their tags last year and the website was unavailable. I was wondering when Woot was going to change their monkey design or stop it completely and apparently the time is now.


One of the three monkeys we bought from the last Woot-off lost its arm within the first moments of playing with it. We've since rigged something, and he seems to be pleased with it.

The other monkeys are doing well.


More and more types of animals are going extint every day due to global warming, deforestation, pollution, and poaching.
They tried to warn us but, we didn't listen...we didn't listen...


@brutherford: Thanks for the explanation.

We all love to show our monkey-loving Woot pride, but the monkeys should reflect the quality and uniqueness of the company.

Also, the old monkeys are not taking the new monkeys seriously.

Keep the great work!


@joe43wv: I just typed the website shown in one of my monkeys ( and the site is still up. They seem to sell their monkeys through another site called