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Here's a couple of good examples:

Note how @thunderthighs includes the shipping as a part of the title, while @faughtey has shipping in the description, but very close to the top. Two seconds of mouse hovering over her deal will tell you "MSRP: $45.00 Plus Shipping" so that you know what the shipping is. I think either is fine, as long as you're consistent.


I don't have a set way to do it yet. I've done it different ways.

In the title: (price includes shipping) and then I add the shipping to the item price.

In the title: (add $2.99 for shipping) and then just list the price

In the body: I put it as the first one or two lines.

Not at all: If I can't easily get a shipping charge, I don't include it. That is, if I have to go through entering my name, address, etc. or create an account, you're outta luck.

I think the nice thing to do is to put it early on in the post and however you do it, just be clear what it is.

Regardless, I've had someone complain about each one of my methods so I just do what I like. Ain't gonna please everyone.


@shrdlu: thanks for the examples. one of them lists a warning that shipping is extra on the first 2 lines, which is good.

the other lists free shipping. my issue with the free shipping example is that the "for $._ + free shipping" is all auto-generated by woot when you fill in a price in the price box and check the "free shipping" checkbox.

if it isn't free shipping, and i don't check the free shipping checkbox, i just get the "for $_" part added to the title.

someone commented this in a post that did not have free shipping: (paraphrasing)
plz follow the setup style on the subject line and enter a S&H price in the correct is a pain in the butt to have to open the deal up to see a shipping price


@w00tgurl: Like I said, I've had someone complain no matter what way I've done it. I just do what I feel like doing now with the goal of making it clear and easy to find. I wouldn't worry about the complainers.


@thunderthighs: I was pretty sneaky, since I knew that by invoking the two of you, I'd get some more decent help, and thank you (and I'm sure untold others appreciate useful help too). I do wish that the free shipping checkbox thing could be expanded to denote shipping, but you are absolutely right on the money with ignoring complainers.

@w00tgurl: Mostly, if you're posting good deals, and you give a decent title, some description, make an effort to tag correctly, and note whether there's shipping, then that's plenty. You do all these things, already. I've voted on some of your stuff, and I'm picky about what I vote on.

There are some people that will complain no matter what. Ignore them. Ignoring works best.


@shrdlu: Heh, I was already answering before I got the email beckoning. =P did it while tagging it.


I use a format that makes sense to me. What are the first things I want to know about a deal? Most of the time I put shipping information near the top of the description. Some websites use this format, so it makes the copy and paste quick and easy!

Regular, Original, Retail, or MSRP Price.
What percentage you are saving - Save: 50%
If there is a Coupon Code, it goes here.
Shipping information: Exact charges if I can find them, or plus shipping if they vary according to which carrier you choose.


I pretty much agree with everyone else; "it depends" long as it's there and it's clear, you're already way ahead of most posts :)

The one situation, where I think shipping should always be in the title is for cheap items..

If you're posting a deal for something that costs 99¢ and the shipping is $6 bucks, title shipping's appreciated :D


If there is a shipping charge it should be clearly listed somewhere. I can't tell you how many deals I've almost bought but shipping have killed.


Thanks for the great responses. This really helps.