questionswhy are you people finding such awesome deals on…


because we're all part of the New World Order and want all your money?


+1'd just from the tags, lol


If you have no use for a PS3 then just keep an eye out for a cheap'o blu-ray player. You can find them easily for well under $100. For that I'd go without food for a few days.


Just glad to be of service!


Blu-Ray is amazing. Figure out which one has the bells and whistles that you want and keep an eye out for it to go on sale around Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I just downloaded Shopobot and it has 570 Blu-ray players it does real time price watches on, including used. Pretty handy tool. I am keeping an eye on some video games and an HP laptop.


Blockbuster ( if they haven't shuttered the stores near you) has some good blu-ray titles on 5 for $20. Previewed, but worth it.


The question is: Why aren't YOU finding great deals for US on blu-ray?!?!?!?!?!?! No seriously, now I'll try to find a good deal on a blu-ray player so you can spend more on the movies we're posting... :D


Walmary has several good brand name players going on sale for under $100 on Black Friday.