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Like to list "free in-store" or "coupon" or something rather than "free shipping"?
I suppose it's possible. The thing is, when you post a deal, there's a check box for "Free shipping". If you check that box, those words get added to your deal. So it's quick and easy to do.

I can see where the confusion comes in though and I've started trying to list the shipping conditions (like free but with Amazon Prime or in-store pick-up or coupon or whatever) rather than checking the box. But that doesn't seem to be the norm.


"Free" in store pickup is never free because you have to spend time and money to go to the store. Having to go to the store is a form of paying for shipping.


there is a check box for 'free shipping' when posting a deal.
NOT checking the box implies there is a shipping charge, so checking free shipping is the most accurate of the two choices.