questionshas hell frozen over? are pigs flying…


Cool. Lets see how long it will hold up that good.
It's very hard for a company that already has made me frustrated to come out clean again in my books.


Glad you had a good experience (finally)! But you might want to see if the mods can remove the actual amount of the coupon code... Now Emma is going to have a torrent of "I had a bad experience, where is my coupon?" emails, which is only going to hinder her ability to resolve issues.


But you still have to use the coupon on their site, where chances are you're going to get more defective items and have to go through all this all over again :/ I wish Dailysteals would just fix the real issue of upping their quality control and stop making false promises.


@luvche21: Agreed. Burned too many times, it's tough to rebuild that trust.


You make a good point! I replied in my email response to her that I would use the coupon as a test to see how things go. I look at it as a way to try them out again for free. Now I just need to wait until something comes up close to that amount. Bear in mind I was out $210 at one point, so the coupon amount may be based on that.

By the same token, I hope she IS flooded with emails from some of the others who lost money, and we'll see how dedicated they are to "customer retention!"

As far as trying them again, as long as they keep their word and make me whole, I'll try again. If I were to have another bad experience, I would definitely not be done with them!


@caffeine_dude: "Did Woot do something?" Aside from removing some of my negative comments from their deals...

Seriously though, there was a mod in the original thread who was going to look into whether or not DS should be banned from posting deals. Don't know if they actually made contact.


I'll be the first to admit I was wrong, (if it ever happens!) I'll bitch to everyone I can, but if they make me happy, I'll make sure to let everyone know that as well!


I have been very sceptical, about the whole apocalypse thing, but after this I am not so sure. I beleive this was mentioned in the Mayan prophecy.

Glad you got satisfaction.


@tcayer: 'there was a mod in the original thread who was going to look into whether or not DS should be banned from posting deals'
Maybe woot made them see things there way.


I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who has only had positive experiences with dailysteals. Although, I've always been slightly skeptical after reading about them constantly having issues.


@pickypickypicky: There are people making apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow! Maybe DS thinks the end is near, and they all want to go with clear conscienses.


@thebopster: "There are people making apocalypse jokes like there's no tomorrow!"

Heh heh heh...



Well, they were as good as their word! I received my refund! Like I said, I'm willing to admit if I waswrong, and they seem to be trying, so I won't rule out buying from them again. The coupon they gave me gives me a chance to do so without risk and see if they've improved their process!

Glad to give credit where it's due!


*Update to the Update:

Finally found some stuff I liked. I ordered $108.90 worth of stuff and used my coupon code! Got it all for less than $10. 1st item delivered already! The others still say "Open" on the site! Maybe they are trying to improve their reputation!