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@tygerdave, i'm curious about your own personal take on this?


The only time I've stepped in to delete posts is when they've become blatantly flaming, trolling, or personal attacks. Certainly above and beyond what might have earned someone probation on any of the other sites.

We don't mind criticism, but I think it would generally be more helpful if it was approached as a discussion, rather than insults or provocation. This is my personal opinion, mind you, and not a policy or anything.

Edit: I am not calling this thread provocation or insulting, by the way. =)

This might also be a good post to combine with the other "light moderation" discussion, by the way.


@dosquatch: helphelpimbeingoppressed what a wonderful new name for the offtopic tab.


It's actually "Help, Help, I'm being repressed", really I can't believe you'd make a mistake like that, I know I never would ;-)

I posted my true opinion and it was deleted, I posted my over dramatic opinion and it was deleted, I posted some other stuff too because deleting my comments seems to be making someone happy and it's nice to make other people happy. Those comments were deleted too, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


@tygerdave: LOL, misquoted Python, egad! I'll never survive the hit to my rep ;o)

Hey, as long as you're putting a smile on somebody's face :o)


@dosquatch: congrats on the black triangle...even in these dark times


@imtheotherguy: Thanks! I knew I was close, sadly I think I owe the push over the top to these dark times... but I'll take it just the same :o)


i know this won't be a popular post, but i'm used to that, given that i've never quite broken into the "uber-group" here at deals.woot.

i don't understand why a company making changes on the website they own would be taken as a personal attack to those using the site.

i use this site. i liked the way it was. i don't like the changes. this is MY opinion.

i may (or may not) choose to voice my opinion. doesn't change the fact that the people who own & pay for the site have made changes. this has happened over the years to many sites that i have been a part of. such is life. it may be that the changes cause me to choose a new place on the interwebs, but i suspect that my personal choice to leave does not kill the site.

i do NOT like the new tab & new tag. BUT i don't think that i own the site, and thus don't own the right to DEMAND a change to the "old ways". I honestly would love a response that explains to me why i should be outraged. what is it that i'm missing? continued...


@smtatertot13: i would really really like to understand why a company decision to change the way a site that they own works is a personal attack on a few members? i don't get it. i really like most of the standard folks, i really do, but i don't see how it is a big punch in the face to them.

that being said, i definitely feel that many of the deleted posts were done in a way that isn't standard in the deals.woot world. i have NO issue with the change (ok, i really do, but i get it.) However, the deleted posts really do seem to be about hiding the opinions that deals.woot doesn't like. what's up with that?


@smtatertot13: Not sure how you define the uber group but you seem part of it to me :-)

Social Sharing sites of any kind rely heavily on the community to be a success. Unlike the other woot sites, the users here work with staff to not only make purchases but to generate the content, determine the best of what's submitted, and police it (shirts.woot too?). All this is done because the users enjoy the site, get something out of it, and feel like they are part of a community.

Sites like this don't succeed unless the users invest their time and attention, and take a sense of ownership in the site and community. The heaviest users, the ones that the reputation system has deemed the most valuable, are the ones that tend to feel the greatest ownership.

These users are a great boon to a site, but can also be a problem. There are good and bad ways to solve that problem, breaking the continuity of the site to cordon them off, then deleteing their comments is not one I would call good


@smtatertot13: unfortunately it wasn't just the odd comment here and there that went missing. It was multiple comments from multiple users and the one thing they all had in common was they were in disagreement with-- at first-- the change (they felt it took away rather than added to the ease of use) and then, they were adamantly opposed to the sudden censorship in all the threads.

I was able to see many of the comments via email notification. They were deleted from the threads, but not in time to stop emails. The comments, while biting in their disagreement, were NOT rude, offensive or otherwise. It was a simple matter of the mods being childish. What comments that remain give a lopsided idea of the back and forth between users and staff. It was unfortunate and unnecessary and avoidable. I'm not wild about the change either. I think it detracts from the flow of the fresh and popular pages, but it is Deals to make work or watch it monkey up the works.


Yay for me! I got lightly moderated for the first time (that I noticed)*. I commented on the Martha Stewart (Gently Loved) post. Something to the effect of "Does gently loved mean pages are stuck together?"

It was deleted. Awwwww. Then a bunch of other people all had similar responses. Of course they did! But I guess the lightly moderator's shift had ended, and the darkly moderated wasn't bothered by the silliness.

My mind is small, so I am plagued by the hobgoblin of wanting consistency. Is that too much to ask? Oh, it is? Never mind then.

I would like to propose something, though. Since woot stands behind the moderators, as it should, shouldn't woot publish logs of the deletions and edits. You know, in the name of social media transparency. You don't have to give up the mods names, but give them pseudonyms, like Mr. Pink, etc.

*It's probably happened many times that I didn't notice. It will probably happen in the future and I won't notice. I just think it's funny.


Every person has their time and place. I assume the same goes with corporations. AtC definitely had a time and place, and it was good. The question is, has that time passed?


@moldyearwax: Doesn't matter any more since the change seems to be permanent. Deals seems to be constantly evolving-- that's a good thing. Perhaps in the future they'll be less Bull-in-a-china-shop when they implement a new feature and show a bit more finesse in their attitudes toward the users' reactions, be they good or bad.