questionscan i cancel my order if i just bought something?



They'll be happy to assist you with all of your issues. There is no phone number. They're odd like that.


Yes. In the upper right corner of the page, underneath your username, there should be "Stuff You Bought". Click on that, and after you sign in again, you'll have a list of all your orders. You should have an option there to cancel your order. If not, email and ask them. Include all the info you can, i.e. order date, order number, etc. They're very helpful.


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If you purchased it from one of the sites (woot, tech, home, sport, kids, shirt, wine, sell-out or moofi) then you probably can. Do email your request to as mentioned by previous posters.

If you bought something from one of the deals listed on deals.woot, you will need to contact the company you ordered from. Best of luck!


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