questionsis there a flaw in the "weighting" system here?


Yeah, the stats-generator tends to go AWOL every now and then. It usually resolves itself within a day or two. Stay tuned for further developments, and welcome to this side of the Woot world!


tags for posterity: your-hair-looks-nice come-here-often? you-have-monkey-breath


@carl669: creativity meter was on zero. :)

ETA: @ohcheri: I don't mean to get you started with the sexy/lingerie tags. ♥ :)


I've black triangled in 36 and <24 hours from scratch (And that was with an active community)

fact of the matter is we're just dead over here so anybody can black triangle with the slightest effort. I know this because i was nearly inactive for a few months and didn't drop below 98% (And i'm certain it wasn't all due to the vacation algorithm)

I bet @poopfeast420 could black triangle by the end of the week if he started voting and participating now that he bought his very first woot!!


@cowboydann: ya im in the same boat.. I stay in the 98-99 range and yet it's been awhile since I've posted a deal or question.. I am a lurker more than anything, rarely finding anything on to actually buy...


I vote on a few deals/comments every day (more or less) and make a smart a$$/less-than-helpful comment now & then. Just that little bit of activity is enough to keep me floating in the mysterious waters of the Black Triangle. Most of the time I'm content to sit back and watch the ebb & flow of the newer active members.
I think it's easier to keep ones rep than it used to be. Seems like the deals activity is much less busy than it was a few years ago. At least it appears less manic, with fewer pitch forks, torches & angry villagers.


You're just that awesome.

But no, I do think the system is a little flawed. When I first joined, I posted a DVD that got to the front page. I've had a black triangle pretty much ever since. Granted I've been pretty active overall, but I jumped from white to black.

It does a decent job overall, but definitely has its flaws. More often than not, I'll look at how I can improve my rep and it will say something like I need to vote on more deals/ questions. This has even been the case when I've shown up on the voting leaderboard. I'm not really sure what Woot wants.


@carl669: How are those tags helpful? Who would ever search for tags like that? If people want to put something witty like the cool kids do with twitter hash tags, just do it in the normal text space...Why does it have to be a tag that will just get removed by the mods?


@bsmith1: because they're fun and quirky just like the deals.woot community.


@bsmith1: Does the 'b' stand for 'buzzkill'?


@bsmith1: How are saving tags helpful? Listen to your friend, @carl669, who saved them for posterity (and thank you, and they were funny).

In other news?

Lighten up, Francis.


@stile99: @carl669: @shrdlu:
Whoa! Take it easy, fellows! Yes, those were funny. I'm just saying users should post those in the text of the question versus the tags.

Spread the word: Don't post funny stuff in the tags. Do it in the body of the question/deal. It's not helpful as a tag and it may be removed by the mods.


I don't understand the triangle system either. I have been a wooter for a long time, but have only recently started coming here to read questions and answers. I added one deal and had a black triangle for a week or two, but then all of a sudden it was green. I'm not much of a deal adder, I'm more of a deal seeker. I rarely ask or answer questions, but I do vote most every day for a smattering of deals or comments.

Maybe the triangles are like the Star Bellied Sneeches really doesn't matter what color your triangle is, the important thing is - you are here.