questionsdo you think there are too many woot! plus deals…


Woot is no longer the "One Deal a Day" site (well, duh!). They've gone WAY beyond that w/the additional of other sites, such as Home, Tech, etc. The addition of Plus deals sealed it.

They are now a "Many Deals a Day...And Longer" site. Maybe they should change their business model to coincide w/how the actual site(s) work.

IOW: Admit they've changed drastically & redo their site to reflect what it actually IS now. Make woot a site where you can click on a host of items, add them to your cart, and checkout.


Funny you should mention this. I made a comment regarding the in-wall speakers on the side deal being shown once before and my comment was deleted. So then I made a comment about my comment being deleted and that was deleted too. Seems our woot overlords do not want people to know that they are selling the same products over and over again.

First deleted comment:

Second Deleted Comment:


@cengland0: They've posted the same deal more than once...not certain how that's a problem. I've seen deals repeated since I've been here.

Not an issue as far as I'm concerned.


@mtm2: Because then why not just leave it up until it sells out? Why have a deadline and it disappear only to bring it back later.

Today's receiver will not sell out. It will, most likely, appear on tech.woot next. Then, when it doesn't sellout there, it will go to the sellout.woot site. If it's still not gone, it will be back later.

Woot is no longer special like it used to be. The prices are still really good compared to other sites but the selection of products is low. So why doesn't woot just finally have one site where they offer everything they have until it sells out? They are trying to remain like the original woot but it's morphed so much that it's like any other site selling products now.


@cengland0: When Woot buy things... they buy A LOT of them (and a [infinitely] whole lot more now that Amazon fulfills the orders). So I guess you can expect to see them come back a few times unless that sale cleared out their warehouse.

Back to topic, I might've LOL-ed when I counted like six woot-plus deals.


I think it's a bad thing. Paradox of Choice and all that.
I recognize how it's a way Woot can continue to meet the "grow or die" directive from corporate, but I also think there might be better alternatives, say for example a continuous Woot-Off model where items are not limited to small quantities and have 24 hours to sell out or be replaced.

Whatever pays the bills, I guess.

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Too many? Not sure. Too many I don't have any interest in? Yes.


@kmeltzer: Nicely put. I'll save space and agree with you. :)


@cengland0: Your post was deleted because it was in a product thread. We try to keep discussions in product threads focused on the product to help those looking for information. World of Woot or Deals Ask the Community would be better places for that discussion. Here's a thread where people discuss similar topics.

And once again, we have been given no direction to moderate our forums any differently than we have in the past nor do we. I'm sure Amazon management has better things to do.

Like others said above, we've always repeated deals, sold ridiculous and useless items. Nothing new there.