questionsis anyone following the saga of amy's baking…


There was a thread about this horrible restaurant and their even more horrible owners last week (I think on Tuesday). These people are insane. They make being an internet troll look really appealing despite my personal preferences to not want to be one.


@capguncowboy: True, but the saga is, believe it or not, still going strong. These people have passed delusional. Delusional is not even in the rear view mirror anymore. Delusional is three states back.


@lavikinga: Wonderfully hilarious! And the [cough] security guards couldn't have cooperated better if they'd been scripted.

I've come to the conclusion that Amy is not well and that the restaurant is actually a money-laundering enterprise. It will be interesting to see what Amy does if Samy is deported.


@lavikinga: I enjoyed the comment after the photo:
Todays special at Crazy Amy's is the Knuckle Sandwich.


here's a rundown of their facebook meltdown against reddit:


I don't know, folks.

It won't be so funny after the eventual murder-suicide.


How is the fact that a bakery has security guards not the weirdest part of this story?


@stile99: omg, not having seen some of the episode in question, i thought the meow joke was simply making fun of her for having cats.

but then i watched, and saw that this:

actually happened... what planet are we on?


Did anyone see this today?
apparently Sami did not disclose his criminal past before coming to America.


@conanthelibrarian: Yea, I saw that on Reddit yesterday. One of the more interesting theories about this place is that Sami really is into some shady stuff (drugs) and uses the place to launder money. It would explain at least some of the craziness: like why you need armed security guards at a place like that.

I'm hoping the deportation proceedings continue: it would extend the drama. I saw in that story that Sami is barred from entry into Germany and France (thus, really barred from entry into anyplace in the EU).


@magic cave: regarding the money laundering - that was honestly my first thought when he hinted at his criminal past and basically looked like an italian mobster despite being israeli.


@omnichad: Local folks have written that the place seldom has more than three customers, and nothing has been published that would dispute that. Their customer service and food-quality problems are documented back to at least 2010. Amy and Samy have both spoken on camera about his "playboy" lifestyle in Las Vegas.

I'm absolutely no expert in running a successful restaurant, but I don't see any indication at all that they can possibly be taking in enough money to have kept the place open for six years. The money-laundering possiblity wasn't my idea, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it weren't the case. Either that or Samy has a personal fortune that he's using to keep the keep the place open.

Oh -- and Samy may be an Israeli citizen, but according to his lawyer he was born in Morocco.


When passing a fatal accident on the freeway, it's best to simply not look to the side. What's done is done.


If their food was better, they could get away with the attitude. There are quite a few high end restaurants in nyc where part of the reason people go is to be treated with contempt. BUT - the food, or wine, or sake, or whatever else the establishment specializes in - is excellent.

For samy and amy, They've confused snark with crazy, don't have the quality of food to make up for it.