questionswhat do you think of miami's 23 game winning…


@caffeine_dude: I see you're getting better at using the ;) at the end of sentences. ;)

I agree, this Miami team must be good at scoring more points than their opponents. I'm told this is key to winning sporting competitions. ;)


They're making up for the Dolphins inability to get any streak other than the ones in their undies.


They just have to make it past 33 now and they have the new record. It probably helps having three of the best players in the NBA too.


I have found over the years that this is not the best place to try and discuss sports. Doesn't seem like the deals.woot crowd cares that much for them for whatever reason. btw, they're* for the there in you question


@soboehmer: Eh let them try maybe they can try to start a sports ball team fan club. ; )
Serious, does this statement really need ; ) ?

%98 of I say is ; ) so from now on when I say something serious I am going to put :- | and you can just assume the ; ) for everything else. : - |


Wake me up when they three-peat. Everyone knows the regular season doesn't matter as long as you make it to the play-offs.