questionsanyone got any feedback on any sound bars?


We have been pretty happy with a Sony soundbar + subwoofer. I'm sure a discreet 5.1 system would sound better, but when you rent and you have small children, that is risky. A sound bar is definitely a step up from just the TV speakers, I notice that every time a cat steps on the subwoofer's power button.

The only complaint I have is that the system only sometimes turns on with the television, and it isn't instantaneous to have sound come out of it (about 10 seconds). This is more specific to that hardware than to sound bars. The sound quality is good, "good enough" as far as I'm concerned.

If you can get a sound bar that "matches" your television, that's even better. The Sony bar actually has a part that sits between the stand and the television. It all fits together really well.


You can get a 97 dollar vizio soundbar at local big box store that sounds pretty good.

All in all, of all the sound bars that I have heard I would call them more loud than good.

If you decide to get one make sure it has digital inputs, sony and iLive have started putting out this analog stereo only nonsense.

Also decide how many things you have to hook up to it: tv, blu-ray, xbox, ect... Most of these sound-bars, at least the less expensive ones, can only handle one digital input.
Now of course that is fine if your tv has pass-through on it's digital output but that is a really high end feature and I'm guessing if you are considering a soundbar instead of a real surround system that your tv experience in not a high enough priority in your life to spend that much.