questionsdid you see "the wolverine" movie and how awesome…


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I was one that found Wolverine just "meh". But I have always felt that way about the character, ever since Marvel started singling him out as a flagship character. That video is hilarious. It's a funny coincidence, because walking out of the theater after seeing Wolverine I was saying that I'd really love to see an Alpha Flight movie. Sasquatch and Wendigo, and in a different way Northstar and Aurora are all visual feasts, Guardian/Vindicator has one of the best-looking costumes in Marvel, Shaman and Snowbird have some interesting cultural references, and Peter Dinklage can play Puck! Wolverine can be the link to bring in the audience. I don't see it happening, Alpha Flight is too obscure. But I have always though they were the most visually interesting team Marvel ever scrambled.


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@moondrake: "wendigo"? do you mean "marrina"?

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@no1: Nope. Snowbird the shapeshifter sometimes turned into Wendigo after the original guy got turned back human . But Alpha Flight is where I first learned of the Wendigo legend. Marrina was pretty boring to me.


@magic cave: I highly encourage it ! It's about time the woot employees ( especially those wanting to win the t-shirt contest ) sucked up to the power of the Black Triangles !

@natemotis : Nice design and colors. However, i have never seen a wolverine movie or comic. I had to google "snikty" .
This shirt is lost on me. Besides, I bought the wookie shirt . Come visit deals more often. Don't be a double white !


@moondrake, thanks for the fun alpha flight commentary. you never know what marvel will end up making on the big screen. glad you enjoyed the snikty song too!

@ceagee, you get full credit for pushing us to be more active on deals—it was a great idea! you're right, the snikty joke is aimed at the hardcore wolvie fan, but appreciate your feedback for sure.

we're having a lot of fun with the contest and hope everyone else is too!