questionswhy don't women's pants sizes come in waist x…


It's a conspiracy. Women are afraid that if they had to put their size in inches, men might be able to actually gauge what those sizes mean. However, if you say 8 and 12 to a man, we have no idea what that equates to.


Levi has just switched to waste and length measurements. I think that others might follow suit. Sure was helpful when I bought them 2 months ago.


Do these clothing manufacturers think all women are like Betsy Ross? We can hem our own pants.... now where did I put my Singer?


I would prefer to change over to the waist x inseam measurements. Right now no size is "true" from brand to brand. It's very annoying.

To counter my own point though, I bet if all manufacturers switched to actual measurements, there would be a temporary dip in sales; due to the number of women leaving in disbelief of their actual waist size.


what woman want to admit to inches of waist/inseam at a department store?
besides if it was a matter of saying i'm a ## x ## any guy could just pick up a pair anytime the wife says "i have nothing to wear" and she wouldn't get to spend the day shopping!
also with most ladies pants there are a lot of waiste/hip proportions


Um, it's not the waist that matters- it's the hips. It's all in the hips.


@capguncowboy From what I've been able to tell, I'm pretty sure any conversion from sizes to actual dimensions involves i (that's sqrt(-1), aka the imaginary number), some 4-dimensionalal wave functions, and/or the last digit of pi.


@havocsback: AND the cut/style of the pants.

One woman may have skinny thighs, while another may have thighs so thick they'd start a fire in her pants if she ran down the street wearing corduroy, and both technically could wear the same size.

Several of the stores I shop now feature different "fits" to accommodate which assets one wants to enhance or hide.


Yes, it annoys the hell out of me too. It's so simple with men's sizes. With women's you have to try the pants on to have any idea if they'll fit.


It's because women aren't square-shaped beings.


@keysmad: Nice. Time to shop for some Levis! :)


I want to know why two pairs of the same brand, size pants don't fit the same.

I hate shopping with my husband. He goes to the Big Wall O' Jeans, grabs 4 pair marked in his size, checks out, goes home. All of them fit.

Me, I grab a pair, try them on, check the fit, grab another pair (same kind) check out, go home. Pair #2 is too tight, too loose, one leg is 3 inches longer than the other, zipper is broke or aliens live in the pockets and then I have to take them back. Hate it!


Always been a sore spot for me. Especially inseams. I'm 5;7", but I have a 33 1/2 size inseam, aka long legs; purchasing pants is most diffcult. I also have long arms. If women's clothing was sized like mens, it would be so much easier.


You also have to consider that for men "fit" means something different. As long as they don't fall off, cut off circulation or scrape the floor too much they "fit". If a guy has a big butt and the white part of his jeans pocket shows all the time he would still say they fit whereas a woman in the same situation would not.