questionshelp! scratched star wars xbox disc!


Don't worry. The poor reviews tell me it will be pretty cheap soon enough. :)

All joking aside, have you tried using a scratch removal compound? They can work with limited success. A tube usually costs about $5 to $10.

I think I have also heard that you can actually contact the manufacturer with a broken disc and they will replace it (for a fee I assume). I have no idea where I heard that, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is no truth in it.


@wnyx585am: Aww boo on bad game reviews lol. We find it very fun and our 5 year old can't get enough of it.

Was contemplating the compound - I have used them in the past and didn't work but that was a while ago. Being these are deeper scratches, I am thinking it won't unless there is an "extra special" one. I have heard about toothpastes and other oddities but was wondering if anyone had any real success with that type of stuff.

I will Google the manufacturer bit but seems like a far reach. If I find any conformation on that I will post it. Thanks :)


I have had a great amount of success from using a DiskDoctor. It's worth a try.


@falcondeal: Thanks for the reference. Viewing that site made me think that maybe places like Gamestop or Play N Trade have machines like this.


I worked at Family Video for a couple of years and we had machines in the store that we used to buff discs to remove scratches. Most video rental places have these machines on-site to help keep their movies and video games in good quality. We had a fee of $1.99 to run the discs through the buffing machine, but most of the time just a simple smile and kind words can get you one free of charge. So if you have a video rental store around you, I would recommend that route. I had movies and video games that were very badly scratched that played perfectly fine after going through the machine!


@discountlingeriedeals: toothpaste mainly works as a polish, that will help wear the surface down smoother. Not great for deep scratches. You need a clear compound that will fill the scratch, and then buff it smooth.


@studerc: What's a video rental store? :)


@omnichad: Saw someone that was using a dremel tool and a compound - do you think the tool is overkill or better?

@studerc: I wish we had one :( I miss them actually! It is all Rebox and Blockbuster Xpress now.


@discountlingeriedeals: The reviews are not great, but I am looking forward to trying it with my kids. I'm sure my 6 year old will love it.

I have had some success with the compounds, but, as mentioned with others, if it's a deep scratch you could be out of luck.


Take it to, as much as I hate to say it, Gamestop. They can resurface it. Can't guarantee if it will work, but it's only a couple bucks.


Since you paid for the software and not the disk (the reason you can not download a copy and burn it on a much cheaper disk) Tell Microsoft that you will return the cheap piece of plastic for a replacement, you will pay for the plastic and shipping both ways. Remind them that you paid for the software not the disk.

All joking aside disk doctor is what I have. I have had limited luck with mine but it is your only hope. (unless you have the a gamestop).


@wickedd365: Most GameStop stores do NOT have a resurfacing machine in the store. They send bad discs back to their DC to get resurfaced, if necessary. (Or they just don't bother and resell them scratched.)


Another option - if you have the hard drive space available on your xbox (ie, it's not just the 4GB/Arcade model), then you could try to rent/borrow a working copy of the disc and install it to the hard drive. Then, your own disc only spins long enough to verify the title, then runs off the hard drive. There is a good chance this would let your scratched copy work again.

(Sorry for the double post)


Thank you all so much for the options! Giving these a try will be better than doing nothing at all. Thanks again!


Just thought of another way. Do you have Gamefly?
If so, rent one from them, and report it as arriving damaged/broken. Swap out your old one.