questionswhat's the best/safest way to get from new york…


Never been to New York, but from what I hear/read there's no safe way to do anything there.


Go to and use the Trip Planner (right side, near the top).

I banged in from Penn Station to La Guardia Airport arriving by 7:00 AM on Thursday and got three potential itineraries, all leaving Penn Station around 6:00 AM

The first of the three was a Queens bound E train to 74th Street/Jackson Heights, a short (0.05 mile, 1 minute) walk to a Q33 bus to LGA. The neighborhood around the 74th Street station isn't horrible and at that hour (~6:20AM on a weekday) will have plenty of people around. ~50 minutes travel time and $2.25 (single) fare.

The other two involve buses (the M60) that I do not know, so I'd go with the above one.

And @jsimsace, NYC is probably safer than many other cities (provided that the cops don't shoot you while aiming at someone else). <-- sarcasm, unfortunately, not completely misplaced.


I've used NYC public transport numerous times. Your best bet would probably be a cab or the train. The latter might drop off right in the airport. I took it from Manhattan to JFK about two years ago no problems.

Given that you're arriving after 5AM, I would guess the "crazies," so to speak, should be all gone. It would probably be people getting to work, so I doubt safety would be an issue. My sister lives in the city and I've been there late at night, sometimes alone, a few times and I've never had any trouble. If you're not in a bad area, you probably wont have any safety issues.

If you're still concerned, just take a cab. You'll get there on time (probably) and in one piece. Good luck! Enjoy your trip!


NYC isn't as "dangerous" as people think. Its just a very fast paced city, but it is very safe.

If you want the easiest and safest way to get from Penn Station to LaGuardia it would be a cab. There is a flat fee from Penn to LaGuardia, but it aint cheap. You are going from Manhattan to Queens.


If you're confident and don't look like a terrified tourist, it's a short walk to the N train subway stop near Macy's, where you can take the N to Astoria Blvd and then catch a bus (the M60, I think) over by the Columbus statue which will take you right to LGA. If I recall right, it's even a free transfer, though I'm not totally sure. It's cheap but you'll have no control over the time so you'll probably want to do it early. I've done all those stages many times, alone in the dark, and never even been approached.

If, however, you're already convinced NYC wants you dead and plan to clutch your luggage to your chest in fear, you'll become a HUGE target and the cab or car service is probably the way to go. It shouldn't be super expensive but it'll cost more than public transit.

*edited because I'm stupid and forgot where Penn Station was, my bad


Cabs are everywhere, if you have the money to spend and a lot of luggage to tote, they're fine and will get you there quick but are frightening if you can't handle aggressive driving. The driving has been the only thing that has really scared me up there- overall, it's a hugely different place than what my mom grew up hearing about. So, don't fear the subway if you do need to get to LGA on the cheap- they're easy to use and the people in the booths down there have helped me when I was lost. Bonus, ask them for a transit map and you'll get this HUGE map that looks great as a poster!


@slydon: Got it...use my bookbag instead of my similarly sized duffel bag
@baqui63: thanks for the info! I was thinking of taking the subway to that station and am glad to hear good feedback on it!

I will try to post if I survive! =)


@supersox: Ha, I'm pretty sure 7am is a perfect time to be safe. The debauched masses are already in bed and the young rabble-rousers aren't yet awake. All you'll likely have to deal with are early morning delivery men and people running for coffee before work. And maybe tourists.


T minus 6 hours until I begin my journey!