questionsis woot offering shipping options now, or is this…


It's been around since the Website update... Prices and Availability vary per site.


I just noticed this today too:

$5.00, $8.00 Two Day, $11.00 Overnight shipping


It's on almost every Woot site and has been since the redesign.

The prices do vary though based on the product or at least from what I have seen.


I like it! I also like the combined shipping per day. Let me order two polos from sport.woot without having to pay $5 per shirt.
I hope they keep it!

@jumbowoot : HINT HINT


It seems to me that this is going to allow people to buy more without the worries of increased sipping, and heck, for a couple extra bucks, I'd go with the 2 day for 8 bucks over smartpost any day!