questionsis 1saleaday return shipping cost paid by buyer?


my guess is, yes, the buyer pays return shipping. but why not contact them directly and find out for sure?


@carl669: I have emailed support. I was just trying to get the question out because I'm interested in the HDTV they have for sale at the moment and was looking for a quick answer. Still haven't heard back from them yet.

I'm concerned as I've seen some postings on other sites mention buyer covering return shipping and shipping cost of the replacement item. That is going to be crazy expensive for a 40 inch TV.


I agree. Too bad their terms and conditions page isn't specific about this.


I have used 1SaleaDay for a few things in the past and it can take an eternity to get a response (or even your items). It took about 3 weeks to receive what I ordered. Tanga is much worse (5.5 weeks to receive my goods, ruining their potential as Christmas gifts at the time).

Link to some helpful reviews below that align with the first-hand accounts I've had from peers, both good and bad: