questionsi need some inexpensive pc3200 memory 1gb. any…


1 stick or 2x 512MB?

"Stick"ing to stores I personally know and trust, it looks like it will be around $27 for a single stick:

Or about $30 for two sticks:

I don't know anything about the following stores - I've never even heard of them....

Here's a single stick for as low as $19:

Or if that store doesn't stand up to scrutiny, here's another for a penny more:

And one last listing for $22:


After you pick from one of many of @anotherhiggins choices, you should know that unless your system has a 64 bit processor and your running a 64 bit copy of Windows or Linux OS you won't see all 4 GB of memory which is unlikely as I do not recall 64 bit capable systems running PC3200 memory. Most likely you'll have access to a little over 3 GB.


@anotherhiggins: Many thanks!! $19 is the best I've seen lately.


@crethwilm: Sorry - somehow I missed the 4X1GB part of your post.

I was wondering why @catbertthegreat was warning about 32bit systems not seeing 4GB of RAM, then I went back and re-read the OP.

Seeing as PC3200 is several year old technology, I suspect his advice is warranted.


@crethwilm: Yet as @anotherhiggins also posted, 2 for $30.99 is actually even cheaper! It would make sense, given that you want 4 sticks of RAM.


@gchinkin: Sorry, but those are 512MB sticks - I'm looking for 4x1GB sticks.

Thanks for the thought, though.


Just found one!

This is only good for a single stick (per address you have available to you), but 10 bucks a stick for 1GB sticks after MIR is half the previous best price we found.

I just posted this as a deal:


Just have to chime in here: 32-bit Linux and (some versions of) 32-bit Windows Server support PAE (the ability to address more than 4GB of RAM on x86 processors) and have for years. Desktop-oriented versions of Windows are actually unique among 32-bit x86 OSes in only supporting 3GB of RAM. AFAIR, it's related to silly assumptions made by printer drivers that forced Microsoft to put the 3GB limit in place.