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or a very small local bank, if a local credit union isn't an option.

I've never heard of that, but I live in a (small) town with 3 small, independent banks, so I'm used to very good service.


My bank screwed me out of a BOC before. A while back I got a call from my bank saying that my card may have been compromised, and that they would send me a replacement. 3 weeks later, still didn't come. I called them back and they said "Oops". They sent me a new one, but since I was traveling to Jamaica that weekend, I had them send it to the bank so that it wouldn't get stolen from my mailbox when I was out. Well, the day after I picked it up from the bank, I got a BOC (so I thought). Order was denied. Tried to order something else online, denied.... Called the bank only to find out that they had the address on my actual card set to their own address and never changed it back to mine.

I made them give me a free set of checkbooks for all of the fail.


I second the credit union suggestion. I have been banking with my credit union for a quarter century and have enjoyed very personal, helpful service throughout. When I bought a used car through them, they had me bring it in so they could inspect it and make sure it was a good deal. It was such a good deal that the loan officer was whispering to me about how unbelievable a deal it was. When I went in to get an equity loan to do some home improvements, the loan officer said, "Let's just refinance, we can do a lot better by you than your mortgage company." She cut my interest in half and put me on a schedule to have my house paid off in less than ten years even after the costly improvements I wanted, with no refinance fees of any kind. My checking and savings accounts are free, and they have lots of special savings programs available.


3rd to say get a Credit Union account opened. Nods to @ki4rxm & @moondrake. Been w/mine for over 30 years. Have had accounts at 'regular' banks. Gone through countless name changes/buy-outs. Still have an account at one. Why? I have CDs there at 5% interest. Got them almost 4 years ago. I'm gone when they mature next year. Nothing else to keep me there - terrible service.


For whatever reason banks have the ability to close account for any reason with or without notice, which I guess for certain situations it is ok, but for most it's just screwing over the little guy. I would DEFINITELY try and find out why exactly. Do not call their national call center, most bank's call centers are terrible to begin with and will offer little help, and might even make the situation worse. Go into your local branch, or bank's regional office to get more information. You don't happen to bank with Chase do you? I've been reading horror stories about people having their accounts closed for no reason, and having their financial lives completely turned upside down.


Unfortunately ally bank is a online-only bank, so there is no local branch I can go to.

I like the idea of using a credit union, but the only one near me that isn't military only is a pretty far drive (and doesn't offer the online check deposits that made ally ok even though they have no local branch at all).

Still, if no one can suggest a good bank, I suppose it would be worth the farther drive to avoid so many other hassles.


Good to know, that sounds like a real pain. I've been looking around for a new bank that offers better technology, for example, depositing checks using a camera. I'll be sure to leave Ally off my list. I will have enough of a hassle switching over all my direct deposits, direct debits and other linked accounts when I switch, I don't need the possibility of my bank just deciding to close my account or some junk like that.


@90mcg112: My credit union has android and iphone apps for depositing anything up to $5k via phone camera. People think of credit unions as little two-man shows that are way behind the times (and a few still are) but most are not.


@panthiest: The "military" credit unions are not always military-only fyi. A lot of them will let you join if you work at a government (even local) contractor, or live with somebody who has military experience or contractor experience. Just saying, don't discount them just because they say "Navy" or "Federal" in their name.


Never heard of it before, but all the more reason to not use an online only bank.


I agree with the "Credit Union" recommendations. BECU is a good one, anybody can join.