questionswhy do you vote down a deal?


Some of these threads might help a bit.

Usually when I see a downvote that doesn't make sense I grab a D6, roll, and use this chart:
1: No reason
2: didn't like the deal
3: didn't like you
4: didn't like the weather today
5: yr mom
6: lulz


This should give you an idea as well.


I haven't downvoted an item in over a year.

If I don't believe it to be a good item, I ignore it. If it's a good deal, I upvote it.

If I believe the deal to be spam, counterfeit, or a duplicate, I tattle on it instead of downvoting.


@thedogma: Yes, that was the thread I was looking for! Consider yourself inkycatz gold starred for today!

* gold stars really not redeemable for anything, but hey, EGO.


It seems to me, after going through the links, that most down votes are actually unfounded and have nothing to do with the deal itself. This is based on the fact that there are relatively few replies to the questions while there are thousands of users here.
I was just getting frustrated with the downvotes. I post a watch deal that is 30% less than anywhere else and it gets voted down a few times. To have a deal at 30% lower than other sellers is very difficult to do in the watch industry. Now that I know it has nothing to do with the actual deal, I'll just shrug it off.



I never upvote watch deals. There are too many watches out there and I have no idea what a good value is for any particular watch. So I ignore them and let people that know more about specific watches vote on them instead of me.

So just looking at your deals, you posted 3 of them. Two of them had a single downvote and that may not enough to really see a trend. I've seen awesome deals get 100+ votes and there are always some downvotes on those too.

Perhaps you could help yourself get upvotes by putting some of your competition that sells the same watch in your description and link to them. For example, say you sell it for $60 but Amazon sells it for $150 (provide link) and sells it for $170 (provide link), etc.


@mywatchdeal: Yeah, definitely don't take it personally. I feel like there's a bit of hate for retailers/ store accounts here. I guess I do get it, as most of those deals tend to...well, not be deals, but stick around. Once you get a good rep, people wont autodownvote for that reason. Even though I don't need a watch (I almost never wear one), 30% cheaper than the competition is a good deal.


I was annoyed the other day when I posted a T-shirt deal at less than half price on a great brand and got down voted, of course with no explanation. If I have a problem with a deal or a product I say so, I don't just drive by and throw a rock through their window. I think this knee-jerk down voting is having a chilling effect on deal postings. Why waste my time creating a deal post only to be shot down by people that don't even have the basic courtesy to voice their concern? It takes a whole lot less effort to explain a down vote than to post a deal.


@cengland0: I'm not sure how you check my previous deal posts but I have posted hundreds of them. While I have gotten a couple with 8+, mostly they range from +1 to -2. I will try to post with at least one comp, per your suggestion.
@thedogma: I def hear what you mean. I've seen retailers post their deals which are really not deals at all. I'm just trying to get my site out there for those who are interested. For those that are not, why not just move on?


@mywatchdeal: Oops, my bad. I clicked on your user name from this question and on the left side it showed three watch deals. I clicked on each of those to view the details.

Now that you challenged me on this, I took another look and realized that was just a small set of your deals. To see them all, you have to click on the tab above those three and then all the rest appear.


@mywatchdeal: It's easy to check your stats - all anyone has to do is click on your user name (either on a deal you posted or a comment you made) and we can see what deals you've added, your comments, and your voting preferences - mywatchdeal

As to your question - Your deal's downvotes could simply be - How often do you really need to buy a watch? Personally, I don't wear one. I carry a cell phone (which displays the time) and a portable video game (which displays the time) and have no use for a watch. If other people feel the same way, they could downvote.

@inkycatz: I think you need to throw at least a D8 -

7. Wrong day of the week
8. It's not a leap year



@linkage89: I also used to think "how many watches could people possibly need?". However, as a relatively small seller, I sell several thousand watches every year. When you factor in all of the other sellers out there, retail and web, there are literally millions of watches being sold every year.


@linkage89: People really down vote anything they don't personally need? That's wackydoodle. The site isn't "". I don't think 5% of the deals on here would interest me even if I were rich enough to buy anything I liked. But just because I could care less about forbidden magnetic balls, bacon flavored shampoo and and endless menu of uninteresting but free e-books doesn't mean I am going to down vote them. Somebody thought it was a good deal, and somebody else might benefit from it.


I seldom downvote deals. When I do, it's because I don't think it's really a deal. It has to be something where I'm familiar with the regular price, so that I have a frame of reference.

In general, some people downvote stuff because they're just d!cks. They know that they have no accountability and they won't have to explain themselves to anyone, so they just do it.


People should be required to comment when downvoting as to why it is not a good deal. MAny deals have suffered because people want to "join the mob."


I see from your past history that the majority of the watches you sell are Invicta. This is probably the problem since most people here at DW don't seem to like Invicta watches due to their somewhat iffy quality when juxtaposed with their ridiculous "retail price". Sure they look nice (some of them anyway) but you'd also like your watch to run properly as well.