questionswhat do you prefer? hulu plus or netflix?


They both have their pros and cons. One thing that I don't think works in Hulu's favor is that you still have commercials, even if you pay $8 per month. Granted there aren't many, but some people think that if they pay for something, then commercials should be gone.


Netflix works okay for us. Hulu is alright but I never know if I'll find what I want.


@captainsuperdawg: Except for when they buy cable, of course!


I have had both, and currently I have stuck with netflix. Most (but not all) of the stuff I want on HULU is able to stream to a computer with or without paying for the plus. There is the commercial aspect also.

I have three Roku's (that I bought from woot) in my household. It's why I first tried netflix/hulu plus in the first place.


@captainsuperdawg: I read porn, instead of pros. Changed the meaning a bit.

Hulu all the way. Netflix can bite my ass.


tried hulu several months ago and didn't really enjoy it, the ads are annoying and the selection wasn't there. not sure how it has evolved since then.