questionswould you pay $600 (or $830) for an ubuntu phone?


I do like how they will start it with 128 Gigs of storage and I like how it will run Android in addition to Ubuntu.

The problem is that it's a limited edition and there's no guarantee of ever getting software upgrades so I'm out.


@cengland0: Truth be told, there is no guarantee of ever getting the hardware.
*Within 5 minutes it went from 3,374,440 to 3,375,386.
I guess you could just watch the donations here.


No thanks. That's way too much to pay for a phone that doesn't even exist yet. They market it as a bleeding edge prototype but the truth is there's so much competition in the market that all the big names will have better models available by the time this one gets to production.


Yeah, I think I would but i would need to hold it in my hand first.
I put Ubuntu on some old PCs I found dumpster diving and gave them away to people at college who could not aford a PC. It is a pretty solid OS if you are using it for office/productivity, web surfing, and email; and are not an excel "power user". Ubuntu has been supported for a long time and unlike a lot of other linux distros has an official support if needed.
Open Source FTW!!


I might pay 800 dollars for a phone if it had lifetime free calls. Other than that, no way. As if ubuntu is going to be any better than android on a phone. Come on. I do like ubuntu on my old jank laptop though, works much better than windows.


No way, active competition on the market is in the $400-$600 range, tops. That's for phones with proven platform, app support, and software updates.

Spending more money to risk a phone that may not have that level of support is too risky for the average consumer. If I were a developer, I may be interested.


I'll just walk around with my laptop up to my ear, Skyping like a boss


I don't connect any desktop to the internet without a firewall in front of it. If the 4G internet connection is on when in Ubuntu mode these things will be compromised within hours.


@samstag summarized probably the main shortcomings.

On a personal level, I am not very happy with Ubuntu lately. I have used their OS for almost a decade now, but with the introduction of Unity it all went downhill fast. And Unity is intended to work for touchscreen devices (which is why it was introduced), so it will almost certainly be present in some way on this phone. It broke compatibility with a ton of programs that still run perfectly fine on "linux," just not Unity, they just don't display important graphical components because of Unity interfering, rendering them useless. They argue this is as designed and programmers need to update their applications to work with Unity. But there are a million flavours of linux/unix and this is the only one that needs special treatment.... no thanks on that. I honestly dont know why I still install it other than that I don't like KDE and don't have the time to try some of the new flavours that have popped up recently.