questionswhat is your favorite woot site?


I like the original woot the best. But lately I've been spending a lot more time on the deals.woot side. Wine.woot comes in third, but would probably be higher if I could actually order alcohol in this state. Fourth, would be shirt.woot. Fifth is home.woot. Last is kids.woot. (I don't acknowledge local.woot as a real woot site, and it doesn't have my location so it doesn't count.)


I come to deals.woot the most by far because of the community.

Just off the top of my head, I would probably like a books.woot. I'll have think on it some more to see if I can come up with something else.


Original Woot

In that order

An arts/media.woot would be nice for all sorts of music, games, artwork, etc.

It'd be nice to see a nerd.woot for all the tablets, I'm in the "get them off Woot" camp.


I visit deals.woot the most, original woot following close behind.

A DIY.woot for all the do it yourself people on here. Selling tools, equipment, supplies, maybe even some how-to books.


shirt.woot and then deals.woot. - They just won't let me into the stores without a shirt


My order from most fav to least fav would probably be: (including moofi) (including sellout.woot)

I'm not sure an additional woot site would interest me unless it meant certain types of items would never take up precious real estate on the main woot site. (like ALL home stuff should go on home.woot and ALL kid stuff should go on kids.woot and ALL wine stuff should go on wine.woot)

Maybe a for woot merchandise. (monkeys, lights, novelty neckties signed by the woot writers, etc)


Deals for the community. Shirt for the awesome shirts I can buy. They're tied in my book


I visit deals.woot multiple times a day, but my favorite site is probably shirt.woot at this point. I also check my moofi bookmark usually at least twice a day, because you never know when something new might pop up there. Regular woot, once you've checked it once, if you're not interested in the product, there's no real motivation to come back and look at it again later in the day.


Love monkeys, so woot is my favorite and the one I will forsake all others to be there during a woot-off.

Next I like shirt.woot (the closets in my house are beginning to look like the shirt.woot warehouse. There are 4 people in my house and at any given time at least one but usually two are wearing a woot shirt)

Deals.woot gets the majority of my day as I continually check it out while on the phone.

I don't drink and kids.woot hasn't offered monkeys in two years and I don't really need anything for the house, so wine.woot, kids.woot, and home.woot are all tied.

As I have said before, I check Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers, MSN offers, and Amazon Local every morning and local.woot just doesn't have anything special that I haven't seen already.

The way deals.woot is going, it looks like we need a movie/tv.woot.


shirt.woot and deals.woot.

I usually check both several times a day, to see how the reckoning and derbies are doing on shirt.woot, and to find stuff to snag on deals.woot.


Shirt.woot by far my favourite with deals.woot in second. Sadly though I can only order from shirt.woot right now as I am in Japan for the next few years.


@brutherford: In order, then.

Deals (it's the most entertainment).
Moofi (not kidding; some of my recent favorite things have come from Moofi).
Wine (I've been introduced to some really nice wines I would never have known about).
Woot Central

Sellout can be fun once in a while. I got purple Stanley tool bags! T

Kids and Shirt are in a dead heat for don't really care (for innumerable reasons, none of them important to the conversation).

The jury's still out on Home dot Woot. I keep waiting for something wonderful to show up. I ordered some Crabby Dirt during the last Woot Off just to say I'd bought something from there, but so far, it's just not been for me.

My favorite Moofi thing so far was the M&M Flash Drives. Goofy and useful, all at the same time. :-D


Shirt. The majority of my activity is there. And purchases, for better (or worse).
Deals. I like the community.
Main. It's hard to ignore the original, y'know.
Home. I've bought a few things.

Kids, wine, and local ... no direct experience.


Original Woot

vote-for2vote-against (my starter site and the source of my addiction)
Deals.woot (for the community)
Home.woot (we're remodeling and this feeds that bug)
Shirt.woot (I rarely buy, but love the graphics and the write-ups so I tend to forward the deals to folks I know who seem just right for one)
Kids.woot (although this rises up the ranks when Christmas draws near - lots of neices and nephews!)
Moofi (I love the idea, but rarely find something I can't resist there)
Local woot isn't even on my radar until they offer items in south Louisiana.

As far as a new site, a while back someone suggested a Craigslist-type site for Wooters to exchange items. I've got closets and boxes FULL of stuff I'd like to post!

Otherwise, I can only think of jewelry.woot, clothing.woot, books.woot, electronics.woot.... And these items are currently offered on other Woot sites so they probably are unecessary for now. But I really WANT more Woot sites!

vote-for2vote-against (including sellout.woot) (including moofi)

I always check out at least these three daily

I will look at from time to time, but never much there that interests me.

Not a fan of wine, but sometimes the "other" things or gifts grab my attention.

Never go there. There isn't a local near me.

As for new woots, a arts.woot would be interesting. Selling posters, prints, etc would be nice to have.


1. Shirt
2. Deals
3. Woot
4. Home
5. Kids/Moofi are a tie

I'd like to see something like movies.woot for dvd's, downloads, blu-ray's


And once you open Local woot to Des Moines!

I'm thinking


when i am on any woot site 99% of the time it is with the other 1% being



Used to be on Kids a lot more, but my grandkids are getting older and Kids.woot doesn't have much for kids over eight.


how about a and feature a daily deal from someother website? or an and feature a "need to move this today!" amazon deal? NO? well... OK then. kids who are home from school for a snowday just said what about a


Shirt.woot by far. LOVE the shirts, love the weekly specials, the derbies are fantastic and the reckoning is intense. What's not to love?


Hmmm.. ok so here it goes. So I was wondering just how many types of "*" there are. I started looking up stuff and looking through domains owned by Woot.

I remember having found this domain and previously sharing on here:

However, it is no longer mirroring the woot website, as it once did. I then started looking up other domains and sub-domains. I came across this: - It simply redirects you to deals woot's crab deals. Interesting.

Then I came across these other domains registered to Woot, inc.:

But to answer the question "" is my favorite, but "" used to come at a close second.


1. Deals
2. Wine
3. Woot
4. Shirt
5. Kids
6. Home

I worked at a store called HomeGoods a couple of years ago. To this day I cannot stand most home decorations.


@jyoz22: interesting. other deal-of the day sites can buy in bulk from woot via


@jamesbottomtooth: Why do you think sites like Daily Steals and 1saleaday and whutnot always have Woot! leftovers :)


Shirt (My closet is starting to get a little too full of these so says my husband)
Deals (D'aww I love you guys)
Woot & Home tie pretty directly together, depending what I'm in the market for
Wine (Not a wine drinker, but often tempted by the candies, spreads, and whatnot)
Kids (No kids here yet, already I am occasionally tempted by things that are meant for kids that I would have fun with anyway.)