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Become your inner teenager... play video games all night and sleep all day. Turn the music up and eat hot pockets.

And do a little extra cleaning for her.


Clean the house. Massive points for you when she gets back.


One of my favorite things I did last summer on my own was to sit outside and watch tv on my iPad. The weather was great and it felt like I was actually doing something outside. Plus, a few beers made the time pass really quick!


I think I've seen this movie. Whatever you do, don't go hang out with the housewives from the neighborhood. They'll take you to the all-male strip-club then later try to seduce you. (Mr. Mom).


Sit around in your underwear on the couch, watching TV, drinking beer, and eating Hot Pockets.


Most of the other answers so far sound good, but if you're feeling at all industrious, why not break out the tools and build something from scratch that she'll like. Perhaps a bookcase, or something of that scale? You get to have fun, and at the same time do something that'll be very appreciated. Plus, I think it's generally easier to get things built when you have some solitude to do it in.

Just make sure you get the color just right if you stain it or paint it before she gets back.


Convert your living room into the mother of all couch cushion forts and don't forget to take photos!


I'm with @psaux. It doesn't have to be necessarily a hardware-and-lumber construction, but pick one big project she (or you both) have been pie-in-the-skying about, crank up the tunes, and throw yourself into it. Build that bookcase. Sort all the baby clothes by size and season, arrange them so you can pull out the next stuff you'll need easily, and donate the too-small stuff to charity. Arrange your books and classify them on LibraryThing. Plant a tree where it'll give you shade in a few years. Shampoo the carpet.


Have your guy friends over for a BBQ!


capers. misadventures. antics. the stuff '80s movies are made of.


Step 1: Watch The Hangover
Step 2: Re-enact
Step 3: ?
Step 4: Repeat step 3 for a while
Step 5: Profit


@capguncowboy: He could do that. Nothing in there violates OP's criteria of no clowns, square dancing, or, since it's a male strip club, transactions with the opposite sex.

I say you invite a bunch of friends over and have some kinda marathon. Movie, game, sports, etc.


Treat yourself to a nice steak, some good drink, play some loud music, clean out the closets/garage, wash and wax the car, watch some pron, pass out on the couch watching a movie, finally figure out where "that smell" is coming from, order pizza for breakfast, go buy something fun to play with (e.g. remote helicopter), enjoy yourself.


I'm a chick, but if my husband leaves for 3 days I'll probably be doing some deep cleaning or getting to a craft/house project I've been putting off. Being alone is the perfect time to get into a nasty deep cleaning, reorganizing, or remodel project where you have to tear apart a whole room or make a giant mess. It's much easier to do if you don't have to worry about leaving room for your spouse to get around you or worry about making a lot of noise.

Either that or completely veg out, eat horribly and watch movies or play video games.


You know all those things that you love which she's only remotely interested in? Do you even remember them?

That said, eat normal food, too. Let's not have her come back to a 5-10 lbs. added version of yourself because you didn't eat anything that didn't come out of a car with an illuminated sign on the roof.


Non financial transactions with the opposite sex.

j5 j5

What should you do? Absolutely NOTHING.

It will be glorious.


Duct tape all the pot and pans.


Check out the casual encounter section of your local Craigslist..........did I say that out loud?????


D Day -1 - call your still single friends or your other married guys to plan for a night out.

Day 1 - Go out, drink, remember what it was like to be single again. They're both expect and dreading it cause you've got some pent-up call-of-the-wild thing.

Day 2:
AM: wake up and figure out where you are and get home. Recover with another drink.
Noon: Grill up some food with the guys/girls, etc.
Evening: Dinner and drinks with some friends but get home at a decent hour.

Day 3:
1. Recover with water, electrolytes, etc.
2. Remember what it was like to be single and glad you're no longer
3. Clean the house and yard. Hire someone if you have to.
4. Have lunch/dinner prepared for when she comes home.


3 things.

1) Have your friends over for a post bachelor party
2) Have a party (non-bachelor related)
3) Get a hobby and then choose not to do that hobby because you're hung over from the night before.

If those fail, Have a BBQ like someone else above suggested.


Take things apart. Put them back together. Wonder what all the extra parts were for... Note: Cars fall into that category.

Install the new engine in your project car. Or at least finish getting the old engine out.

Weld desktops and rackmount servers together to make coffee tables.

Tear out the soffit, fascia, & first roof board on the front of your house, and replace.

Re-stain the back deck.

Stay up all night playing Diablo III, with the volume cranked.

See if the soundtrack from your favorite movie + subwoofer can rearrange the furniture in the living room.

Buy a $200 car, drive it to the next state, and shoot at it with a bunch of friends. Note: gas tanks do not explode when shot.

Make & enjoy a bacon explosion without all of the snide comments and/or gagging sounds.

Paint the ceiling of the kids' room (finally), and touch up the walls.

Dig out the spare room.

Oh, wait. That's my to do/dream list...


I'd suggest a mix: eat something that you enjoy but your wife doesn't (I cooked fish if my husband was away because he hated it, but I LOVE it), do something that either you like and she doesn't or you prefer to do by yourself (watch a horror movie if you like them and she can't stand them).

And if you can think of something (not big or expensive) that she'd be delighted by, you (probably) WILL earn massive bonus points if it gets done/appears in the house while she's gone. One weekend while I was gone, my husband installed a wireless router; I had a brand-new laptop with a wireless card(!!), but we only had wired internet service. It only took him a few hours total and the money was easily found, but the thoughtfulness really touched me (he wasn't a very thoughtful guy...). Whatever you do, if your wife is typically responsible for a chore like washing dishes, please don't have a pile waiting for her in the sink: that will imply that you take her work for granted!


@fenriq: Cushion!?! Blanket forts are where it is at!


@caffeine_dude: Oh yeah, should have included blankets. Gotta go BIG and make a living room castle and then eat dinner in it and then read comic books late into the night with a flashlight!


Relax. Maybe finish a project(s) you've meant to. And clean.


I'd do a non-stop video game marathon! Oh and clean the house.


Aw, heck. Enjoy having the place to yourself. Eat gassy food, watch bad tv, plant some tomatoes in pots on the patio. Just don't throw out HER stuff or change how she has her stuff organized. And if you decide to do laundry, for goodness sake, read and follow the label instructions.

Although, this is fun


I'm usually a neat freak. One time my wife went out of town and I decided to live it up and just have fun (I still had to go to work during the day, though). I just threw my clothes wherever when I got home, left food out, etc. Unfortunately, I had to work late the day she returned and I missed my opportunity to clean up before she got home. Needless to say, she was not happy to see me when she first saw food out, dishes piled up, and used underwear on the kitchen table.

Moral of the story: Whatever you end up doing, enjoy the next 2 days but come back down to earth on the 3rd day before she gets home.


My gf is gone for 3 weeks, I've been more productive in the last 3 days then in the last few months, yeah, my music or a zombie movie is always on in the house, but I'm getting caught up on all the things I've been putting off.
I'm being productive now during the work week so that the weekends can be absolutely nothing more then vegging out and watching Shaun of the Dead (plus a ton more).
And of course the house will be spotless when she returns (but that's ok, I'm the clean freak with OCD in the house)


I would go to all the restaurants my wife doesn't like. Sadly, I am getting older so this also means that I will spend most of the rest of my time in the bathroom...


@zuiquan: This is the correct answer. Unfortunately when my wife goes home for a weekend to be with her folks, I usually do what @autocrosser describes - the Office Space plan.


My wife and kids are leaving early Sunday AM and won't return until Thursday PM, so I'm liking these answers as well.


A good friend of mine is from another country and usually takes the kids back to see her parents for a month or so over the summer. Her [musician] husband stays home and hosts a mammoth, month-long BBQ/jam session. You probably don't have enough time for that, but do something creative and fun.


You know you want to.

(make sure to copy/paste the URL, the click-on feature isn't parsing everything)


1. Reenact scenes from movies (ex: Airplane!)
2. Walk around the house without clothes
3. Read a book
4. Possibly do options 1,2, and 3 all at once somehow


I agree with many others; clean the house from top to bottom. If her car is at home, clean that, too, or have it detailed (zillions of extra points for that). Think of it this way; what would you want her to do if you were away?


Ok so I found this question today and I'm curious...What did you do??? Was it epic??? :)


Within an hour of her leaving I'd gotten a new tattoo.

I cooked steak for dinner tonight that I'd been marinating for three days. I had a couple beers waiting for the charcoal to heat up. I seared it to perfection and served it over sautéed sweet onions with mashed potatoes. Ice cream with fresh strawberries for dessert.

Tonight I stayed up late and played some video games, watched The Godfather, and talked to a friend I haven't seen in a long time.

I'm going fishing with my dad tomorrow and have a bunch of "to do" items I'm going to knock out. Now, they aren't "honey do" type items. They are things I want to do but have been putting off.

Be able to tell your spouse some really fun stuff you did when they return!