questionsi just got an iphone 4s. what apps are must-have?


I already have my various social media apps (Facebook, Tumblr...) Angry Birds Space (which didn't work on the old Touch) annnnnd thats about it.


for weather, I use and myradar (free version). Flashlight is good too. If you have Comcast cable, there are several xfinity apps which can be helpful (one can remotely control your DVR if that service is available in your area and is awesome!). If you like music, Pandora, I Heart Radio, Shazam, etc. Something like urbanspoon and/or yelp to help you find restaurants when you are out and about. For sports scores, ESPN score center works well for me.


i love the slacker radio app...great for streaming music when i'm at work.

if you upgrade to iOS 6, you'll get passbook, which will give you coupons and can integrate other apps like starbucks, cvs, target, united, etc.

other than that, i'm kind of obsessed with angry birds star wars right now. :)


Find my phone is an absolute must!