questionsi need a new phone alert that's not too annoying…


In the same vain as Mario grabbing a coin, I've used Sonic grabbing a ring.

What I've been most happy with, though, is making a wav file that's 3-4 seconds of silence, and then a 3 beep arpeggio type noise. Since my phone buzzes while the alert is playing, the few seconds of silence gives me a silent alert, so I can grab my phone before it makes noise if I'm aware of it. The arpeggio type noise is nice because it usually stands out from any monotone bleeping or blooping around the office.


I like using the "Kimmunicator" beep from Kim Possible.

You might think that I would be embarrassed by this given the fact that I am neither female nor 14 years old but, believe it or not, it's usually met with grinning nods of approval when it goes off in public.


From a similar question I saw around 2 months ago:

I've also used the little battle tune that played whenever you won in Final Fantasy VII. Everybody seemed to love that one.


The Tubular Bells theme from "The Exorcist". It's old as the hills but vaguely familiar to people. They get a puzzled look like "Where have I heard that, and somehow it's kind of...creepy..."


Two I've used in the past:
Surfin' Bird- a little annoying, but nobody seems to hate it.
Yakety Sax- Nobody hates it, but only guys know it from Benny Hill.
Not very businesslike, but they don't pay for my phone.