questionswhat is bed bath & beyond return window?


You can always call them up at 1-800-GO BEYOND, and ask someone that will know.


@jsoko: Yes i could and will if no one here knows. Just thought I'd ask and see if anyone knew and why are these so many Debbie downers right now. A question should almost never be voted down -.- unless it's something stupid like whats 1+1?


@dravack: I read their policy and didn't get any more from it than you did. Why do you think anyone else here can divine BB&B's position any better?


@magic cave: maybe someone has tried to return something before? Maybe someone has past experiences they can share? It's not that far fetched an idea.


They do have a lifetime return policy with receipt. You may only get store credit though. I got a Coffee maker for my wedding, it broke 3 months later. I got a replacement from them, the next model better, for free with 20% coupon. It broke 1yr later and I took it back, no receipt, and upgraded again for $9 with coupon.


@magic cave: Obviously he wasn't looking for you to go read the same policy that doesn't describe the return window. He's hoping someone else has knows from personal experience. You're an ass.