questionsis there a 1tb external hdd under $70?


@joey101: I tried, but the link didn't work. Go to, Products>Computers>Drives and Storage>External HD and click 1TB on the left. Sort by price (low to high) and the top two will be your winners.

One is a Seagate, the other is a TEAC.


Not one I would depend on.
I am not a fan of externally powered HD's or any over 500gb's because I have seen way to many damaged or corrupt themselves.

If you do go the big external route, spend the money and get a WD or Seagate. Something dependable.


Could you please put the link?


There might not be for long, with all the flooding having destroyed Western Digital's main fabrication plant. I've been reading that HDD prices will be going up.


Costco is running a 2tb Seagate for 69.99 this coming weekend...I intend to pick one up.


I need an internal, at least 500GB, preferably 1TB, for a security DVR I bought on Woot earlier this year. Why are internal drives more expensive then external? Are external typically a 3.5" SATA inside? Should I just buy an external and cannibalize it?