questionsis there a 1tb external hdd under $70?


Could you please put the link?


@joey101: I tried, but the link didn't work. Go to, Products>Computers>Drives and Storage>External HD and click 1TB on the left. Sort by price (low to high) and the top two will be your winners.

One is a Seagate, the other is a TEAC.


There might not be for long, with all the flooding having destroyed Western Digital's main fabrication plant. I've been reading that HDD prices will be going up.


Not one I would depend on.
I am not a fan of externally powered HD's or any over 500gb's because I have seen way to many damaged or corrupt themselves.

If you do go the big external route, spend the money and get a WD or Seagate. Something dependable.


Costco is running a 2tb Seagate for 69.99 this coming weekend...I intend to pick one up.


I need an internal, at least 500GB, preferably 1TB, for a security DVR I bought on Woot earlier this year. Why are internal drives more expensive then external? Are external typically a 3.5" SATA inside? Should I just buy an external and cannibalize it?