questionswhat is the answer to life, the universe…


Of course it is 42, and the question is NOT "How many roads must a man walk down".


Hmmmmm...42 was on the top of my list of answers also.


So...what was the question...and how was is derived?


@morriea: I is not the question, but it is as good as any.


@firstaidguru: The question is still unknown. The Vogons blew up the Earth to make room for a Hyper-Space bypass. Sorry.


@caffeine_dude: Is that a number 1 (as in 1 is the loneliest number)?


@caffeine_dude: OOPS - thanks for catching the typo.
"So...what was the question... and how was the question (it) derived?"
Although it looks like morreia got that one for us


Here's an answer that has a fifty-fifty of getting edited.

I am absolutely fascinated by two people, BOTH of whom seem to be affiliated with a store called "firstaidstore dot com" or perhaps "first-aid-product dot com" (depending on which of the two of my newest bestest friends posted it. Gee, I just get so very cynical, especially when there's the two of you, both joined just yesterday, and both with one purchase. Gee whiz, do you think those two sites might be related? Do you think you might both either know each other (or even be the same account)?

Do you think @jumbowoot will be interested in all of this come Monday Morning?

Maybe. How's that for an answer to your question?


@shrdlu: Isn't that the point of a Social Forum? When you find something cool, you share it with Friends, Co-workers and Business associates? "Hey Dude, check this out!" and along with that, some of them follow your posts, comment, vote and post similar things?
I expect that there will be more than one similar, soon, as I recommended Woot! to a bunch of people on Facebook and via email when I discovered it. That only one has made a purchase in 24 hours in not surprising, others are probably checking it out and following but haven't found a deal the makes them quiver yet.
Nor that I only made one purchase so far... perhaps you are made of money and bought 10 things your first day, but I found one awesome deal, bought it, started participating in the site and suggesting friends and associates do the same - Sorry if this somehow offends you, but I think that is the whole point of Woot! - Tell others, share, etc...


@firstaidguru: I'm not sure if you are aware that almost everything you do here like voting, commenting, etc. is easily found by anyone who cares to look. Earlier in the day, some of your comments were removed. It's called comment spamming. Where you make a comment in really old deals or questions, and put a link in there to your website. The vendors are held to a higher standard than the average person. You could learn a lot from reading vendor related posts. Some of these are a little outdated, but it's a good start.

Integrity is valued here. I'm not sure why you went back and voted against old expired deals? Like these:

We are a very open community. If you want people to vote for your deals, a little honesty is in order.


@questionsanswered: Thank you for the links - I'll look them over. I am excited about Woot, and want to share and use it (business and personal) so I'll look at the guidelines and be sure to stick to them.
A question for you... How does one see comments removed? This would be handy in knowing what is deemed inappropriate. I have posted some links to information sources and even asked questions, and they seem to have disappeared
To answer your question, I voted against older listings that I felt were inappropriate or inaccurate, and the only one expired (now) I tattled on and it was changed to expired, as the pricing was invalid/old/expired.


@firstaidguru: Based on your downvoting history, it sure looks like you are voting against your competitors deals.


If the answer doesn't make sense, you're asking the wrong question.

The correct question is:
What do you get if you multiply six by nine?


@omnichad: that would be if the answer was 54, i am sure you meant "what do you get if you multiply six by seven?"

sorry to point it out but i love my numbers.


@firstaidguru: Once they are deleted, they can't be found. But I do have an example of comment spamming, so you will recognize it next time:

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