questionswhat *exactly* do you have to gain by having a…


You get access to the super secret board meeting for black triangles where we have punch and pie... (The Cake is a Lie)


People used to get coupons for being a good little wooter on deals.woot, but not anymore. It's pretty much just for bragging rights or "woot cred".


Personally, I'm really happy with the twice-yearly access to the company jet.


It can be a good distraction from reality .


I agree that participation once often meant rewards (coupons, etc.). Now it's either street cred or wrongheadedness, depending. Coupons were fun.


You get the preferred spot next to the dumpster behind the Walmart on Thursday nights. Hope I didn't give away too much info.


@magic cave: Just fill it up this time. Last time I ran out of fuel over the south Pacific.


@magic cave: too bad that Woot! makes us work as the flight attendants when we get our "access" and have to cater to the PTB


Yeah, yeah! The food- and wine-filled meetings are great, the company jet is fun but tough to schedule when you need it (and do be sure to check that blasted fuel gage if you get it after @magic cave), but what I'm REALLY excited about is our space flight on Virgin Galactic! Did everyone get their tickets yet, or is it only for those who made it to #1?


I made it to #1 for like an entire couple of hours the other day.

It wasn't glorious.


That and 99¢ entitles you to any single item on Taco Bell's value menu.


@okham: Oh, hush up! It was just that one time I forgot about it. And besides, you got rescued in less than 48 hours. It's not like it was a real big deal.


@belyndag: Et tu, Brutus? Geez, one little slip up and now everyone knows about it.

I made it to the bottom section of the top 15 week or two ago, but that's evidently not gonna help on the space trips. Take pictures so the rest of us can drool with envy.


There actually is a secret section of deals.woot that only black triangles can access, but 1) only black triangles can access it, and 2) no one will tell you about it - you have to discover it yourself. That secret section contains certain beta things and hidden questions.

If you lose your black triangle, you won't be able to see the section unless you become a black triangle again.

I actually don't remember how I found it, but I did. You now have more information than most on this subject, although it may still not be enough. Good luck to you, and hopefully this post is vague enough that it won't ruin the fun.


You actually get access to The Lounge.

Wait, sorry... wrong game.


I got to number one once & I got a boot to the head:


Access keys to the super secret taco lounge.