questionsi'm off to sdcc!!


Have fun! wish I could go one day but 2200 miles is pretty far...

lights match


Safe trip! Looking forward to pics next week. Have fun!


Jealous. Sooo jealous. Have a good trip and grab some good swag. I hear you can have your head made into a Predator trophy :)


@conanthelibrarian Does this mean I can have all of your QP's? Have fun!



Did you dress up as your favorite computer?


@nmchapma: The distance is the least of your problems. The last time I was able to get tickets I drew on a connection with a convention guest art pro that had access to "entourage" tickets. I could probably do that again but I don't like tapping friends like that. I know someone else (friend of a friend) who has access to tickets through his comics store, so we are talking about buying a few memberships through him next year in exchange for taking shifts working his table. If you don't have some kind of connection you are about as likely to get tickets to SDCC as you are to get a BOC on the new Woot. It's not impossible, but danged hard work and no small amount of luck.

@conanthelibrarian: Have fun! Wish I was there. If you pass by my panel on Sunday and have a moment, can you get a sense of how many pieces are left without bids? Last year I sold 20 of the 22 I sent, I am hoping for a similarly great show this year.


@caffeine_dude: I thought maybe it was South Dakota Community College. Those writers polls on sellout have brainwashed me.


@nmchapma: If you are 2200 miles from SDCC, does that mean you are on the east coast of the US? If so, have you considered Dragoncon? It's not as huge as SDCC (only 50,000+ attendees compared to SDCC's 130,000+) and it has a different tone (much more fringe) but it is a huge amount of fun and since they are a multi-site convention they don't have to put a cap on ticket sales. It is the best place for indie music and cosplay (what us old fogies call hall costumes).


Have fun!

This is the second year in which I won't be going. The passes situation, the lodging ... alas, it's just became too hard to justify.

If given the chance to revisit, being dressed as a 7' tall yellow bunny, though - HECK YEAH!!


@moondrake: I will be happy to. Is your stuff under the moondrake name? Just let me know or pm me


@conanthelibrarian: Hopefully I just sent you a private message. Have a great trip!


@okham: I will have some jewelry in the art show. See @conanthelibrarian's previous thread for some photos:

I make and sell a lot of different types of artwork, but when I am mailing to a show I generally just send jewelry as it is the least expensive to ship with the highest return. I'm going to also have art at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio at the end of August. Mostly jewelry but a few steampunk guns, a leather steampunk themed bag, and possibly other stuff depending on time and inclination between now and then. The weather is beautiful right now, rainy and in the 70s (it's usually over 100 this time of year) and my table in the back yard is calling, "Come home, do art..." My cubicle has never seemed so much a trap as this week.


Who will we spotlight when you're gone!!!???
Have a fun trip though @conanthelibrarian !!!!!
We'll miss you!

Let us know when you get back ;)


So jealous! When I grow up I want to go to Comic Con!


@belyndag: I could glue some bling on you and mail you to the art show, but the rules expressly say "No artwork in and out", so you'd have to stay there all convention. The art show used to be in the sails pavilion which was a major traffic thoroughfare so it wouldn't be a bad way to spend the weekend. I haven't been back to the con since they moved it a couple of years ago so I don't know if the new location is as good for watching the endless parade of con-goers.


@moondrake: Ah, just to watch that parade would be a hoot!


@moondrake: if you wouldn't mind, drop me a pm with a pic/$ of the steam punk bag; I'm always looking for neat stuff for my wife, and that sounds like it might be up her alley.


@okham: Sure thing. It will probably be a couple of weeks as I am still on the hunt for some things to put on it. That's the real fun of steampunk costuming, it's like an enormous scavenger hunt. But it isn't going to be too blinged up, I want it to be useful in the real world.