questionshas woot ever offered a chocolate fountain?


Look for it sometimes popping up with random waffle makers, sandwich pocket thingys in a Plus sale.


@xarous: Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!


@retorak: It's very tiny, FYI. Great for a couple kids, or an evening with close friends or a special someone, but not for a real event with more than 3 people. You could maybe get away with using it for more with some experimentation with the recipe and keeping some extra on hand ready in a warming dish of some kind. The volume it holds is low though (don't let any part of that bucket shape fool you, it is probably less than an inch deep where it holds the chocolate). And it needs a certain amount in the bottom just to feed through to the top for the fountain effect. Basically if you want this for anything other than a personal level treat or to entertain small children, you should probably look elsewhere. Besides that, it worked just fine! It's just very small.


@countdown: Thanks for the heads up. My sister LOVES chocolate fountains, so I was just thinking of getting her a small one for Christmas. This should be perfect for that then.


I just posted one they have on Best Buy for $34.99 and free shipping :-)

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