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I haven't used them lately (say, within the last three months), but I have been using them for all my cabling needs over the lasts several years. Never really had a problem. Is it possible there was a weak link elsewhere?

Glad to hear you caught the unauthorized charge. Please let us know how it works out, or if you learn any more. I'll be sure to keep an eye on my next purchase!


I also do not have any issues with Monoprice, but it has been a while within 6 months. I used the 'company card' with no issues.


I've used Monoprice off-and-on over the last 5 years or so.
Recently (in the last couple of months (including the last week or so)) I've ordered everything I've needed to cable my house and rack it and make it all look classy.

I've never had issues with them.


I've ordered from Monoprice at least a half dozen times, most recently about three months ago.

Never had any problems at all.


That was my question, and that problem was transitory. I've used Monoprice for years, and they're completely reputable. Been to the Walmart site lately? There've been some problems reported here from other people who have traced it back there.

The likeliest thing, of course, is that it was someone who had physical possession of your card (restaurants are the most common, since they can disappear with your card while you're waiting to pay, and make a copy, etc etc).


Weird that you should mention this but yes.

1. A new credit card came in the mail with a note saying that the old one has been canceled and to use the new one. The old one was compromised at an undisclosed merchant.

2. It happened again with another credit card but this time I received a phone call first. They read off several charges that came in all at once and I didn't make any of them so they shut down the card and sent me a new one.

In both instances, this did occur after making a purchase at monoprice. That is very circumstantial evidence and cannot pinpoint that they are really the cause of the problem. I suppose both credit card companies are better able to determine the root cause of this issue than I am so I continue to use my new cards as I have in the past. I will still make purchases from monoprice until my credit card company tells me not to. All my purchases from them have arrived in the mail.


I've never had a problem with monoprice. Sorry for your problems. It sounds like shrdlu may have some insight...she's quite an asset here.


I was one of the poor fobs who had their card information stolen from Monoprice a couple years ago.
Someone ended up using my card to buy a television from a Canadian retailer and I was billed for it (on my US Visa) - spent several hours working with my bank to have the charges credited and the currency conversion charges reversed as well.
Monoprice were actually the ones who advised me (along with all their other customers at the time) that my card might have been compromised, though there was little I could do other than wait until something actually happened to prove my number was actually one of the ones stolen.
Long story short, I was out a few hours of time, but not out any money, and I give kudos to Monoprice for being proactive in disclosing their problems to customers. I still shop there from time to time, with no ill effects since that unfortunate incident.


From what I've read, Monoprice appeared to be a victim in the whole fraud issue two years ago. Meaning, it wasn't some shady insider stealing card numbers - just bad security on Monoprice's part. I'm just wondering if it may have happened again. Of course, there are some smaller vendors I recently bought from on Amazon who may be the culprits. When I do take my card out and use it in store, I rarely ever hand it over to someone. It's mostly swipe and pocket it.

It's a mystery. I've had this happen maybe three times so far (well, once, my overzealous fraud department thought that card was stolen and being used to buy gas as someone ran away with it - turns out it was me, on vacation). The two legitimate fraud times, it was shortly after making online purchases that odd charges began to appear.


The only problem other than the ones listed above is that their concrete anchors are of really poor design/quality and should not be used with their otherwise awesome mounts.


Hello everyone,
First off, we would like to apologize to Smasumur for your card being compromised and would also like to let everyone know that we are 100% PCI compliant. We do not store any CC numbers on our servers so the compromise of such information would not be possible on our current system. Hope this helps and thanks!