questionsdid you know today's date is september 13th?


actually it is only September 13 in part of the world...


@morriea: Thank you for advocating for us Left Coasters. Talk about an inconsiderate question!


Edit: "too" facetious; similar "questions."


Hi there. The reason people post certain things is because not everybody knows about them. There are quite a few people on Deals who don't live in America, don't have TV service, or just plain don't get their news from these other places like Yahoo and MSN. And usually, the stories you're talking about have more to do with how others feel about certain events or what they're doing (ie 9/11, the Olympics et cetera).

I looked at the similar questions to the right and here's what I got:
"Did you know that today is Left-Handers Day? Did you know today is National Chair Day? Did you know Obama took questions on Reddit today?"
I had no clue about any of them, and I'd wager that not a lot of others did before seeing them.

Also, did you know that your question makes you look like a complete ass?


@morriea: that's a great follow up discussion: "Do you know it's September 13th in part of the world and September 12th in others?"


@captainsuperdawg: Yes, that's the point. I know not everyone is tuned in to the news 24/7, but if you can access Woot to read about these things, you must be connected to the internet SOMEHOW.

As for the celebration of left-handed people and chairs, thank GOD someone took the time to scour the internet to find such obscure topics about which to enlighten us.


@stormshadow999: So, I upvoted your question (too late to change) because I thought it was sort of funny and sarcastic and like most other 'pointless' questions, assumed it was just to start conversation. And then this "As for the celebration of left-handed people and chairs, thank GOD someone took the time to scour the internet to find such obscure topics about which to enlighten us." And then it dawned on me that you were actually complaining. And probably not even complaining to start conversation... :-/ Your question / statement would make sense if this side of deals wasn't for discussion, just for obscure news or something. But it's about getting people talking. I've asked questions about things I've seen on Nancy Grace because I just couldn't wrap my head around it, like the little girl who died because her grandma and mom or stepmom made her run around the house for hours for eating a candybar.


Nobody's forcing you to be here. If you don't like the fact that people are asking obscure questions, get out. They're not hurting anything with their questions, so there's no reason to be overly aggressive about your hatred of them. And furthermore, you can't change anything, so sitting here bitching and moaning isn't gonna get you anywhere. So either get over your hatred of questions that don't meet your standards, or leave. I'm tired of people sitting here complaining about the stuff they don't like when they have the clear options of either leaving or getting over it.


@captainsuperdawg: maybe you didn't comprehend the part about how I think some people are posting questions just to try to boost their rep. I couldn't care less about how popular I am among strangers on a random website, where my reputation is meaningless anywhere else in the world, but I know some people really take their Woot status to heart. That's the impression I get when I see someone put up nonsense about "wear your pants inside out day" or "did you see Mayor McCheese* died?" It seems like they're fishing for votes/comments by throwing out something crazy/TOO obvious just to get people to bite.

By the way, this isn't just your Woot. Lots of people have been complaining about the site since Amazon or the redesign, but those things aren't going to change unless the company wants them to change. I was just pleading for people to stop cluttering up the boards with the things most of us already see when on our way to our fav site.

*Mayor McCheese may not actually be dead.


This can be an interesting discussion as long as y'all keep it peaceable without name calling or bad mouthing.

Don't make me pull out the soap for some mouth washing. I'll do it. You know I will.


@kllangellier: Sure, and I'm not faulting anyone for actually engaging others in a discussion. I'm referring to the people who just post a question, then don't even bother to follow it up with anything relevant (like they just want to see their name in lights, or something). The obituary posts are the most grating. I'll launch my browser to check Woot every night, see on my homepage that someone well-known has died, and no sooner do I get to deals.woot and someone has annonced it to the community like the town crier. It's almost like a race to see who can break the news first, which is why I find it especially irritating when the topic is that someone passed away.

Long story short: if I'm genuinely passionate about something, I'll start a discussion when the mood strikes. But to ask everyone if they saw a full moon last night or what they ate for lunch just seems like pandering.


As an analogy, think about a comedian who resorts to foul language in place of actually writing jokes or terrible movie remakes. There's no real creativity involved with either and the general consensus is that they aren't worth seeing, but it's in someone's interest to get involved with those projects because they're making money, even if they know they're promoting garbage.

So, if it's World Hot Dog day and you happen to be an Oscar Meyer eatin' mutha f*a, go nuts and tell us about it. But don't be the guy who posts about it just because no one else has. If that was the case, we could all drop dozens of discussion topics right now.


@stormshadow999: You really should have used a better question. People will just downvote this without reading it thinking you are just being pointless. Which, I know, you don't care about rep, but if you care about your point, then you should want people to read it. You could have asked 'Do you, too, feel like people ask pointless questions for easy rep?' or maybe 'Why do people clutter ATC for rep, is it THAT important?'. However, you may find that similar questions have been asked and you may also find that Deals isn't that crazy about duplicates which can lead to people posting obscure or blatantly obvious things just to kick up discussion. It drives me nuts when I keep coming back and no questions have been added, nor answers to existing questions. And I know, it's not all about me, but I'm sure other people prefer activity over stagnancy. You and those like you can ignore pointless questions, those like me can't participate in a discussion that doesn't exist, you know?


@kllangellier: True enough. The reason I chose such a ridiculous question was so that it wouldn't get lumped in with the others that I'm criticizing. I tried to think of something so obvious that people would have to think I was intentionally being stupid and/or a wiseguy (and to prove a point to the people I'm accusing by posting something even less stimulating than their questions).

I love to see discussions in which fellow Wooters help each other out, and I'm more than happy to share any opinions or experiences I have if I think it contributes to the subject. Perhaps my approach was a bit off, but I don't mind being a martyr if it gets the point across. In a backward way, what I'm really trying to say is that I'd like to see the integrity of the Woot boards maintained, because I feel like there's a lot of knowledge floating around here that many of us could benefit from.


@stormshadow999: I really hope that people read this discussion thread then. And I agree, I've gotten really good advice on multiple occasions, one of which was health related and I couldn't have asked for better advice. And some of the comments were funny and really lifted my mood. And Sorry if I came off as rude before, btw. I was in a pissy mood earlier but am feeling much more relaxed now. :) It's too bad they didn't have a 'serious' ATC and a not so serious sub section where people could be as pointless as they wanted without cluttering, but then that would just create more change which I doubt anyone wants, haha.


I have to say I see some validity in this question. We talked about it a bit in another question a couple weeks ago - something about using d.w. as a celebrity obituary.

It doesn't bother me much, but I don't tend to read or answer those questions. I do think they are kind of "duh" and that people ask them because they get upvoted a lot. But other's say they really like hearing about them because they don't get to catch up on the news. If it gets to the point where there are no longer any questions asked that facilitate "original" discussion (rather than re: popular news story discussion), then I would get more annoyed.

For now, it is easy enough to ignore questions I don't want to read. But I see the point here.


I asked the left-hander question, thought it was an interesting chat. :-/ Have chronicled deaths, too. I also ask many meta questions. Don't regret any of them.

Would like to clarify that those questions are not rep-related. It's been said here that to be in the top 15 you must ask a question every 6 1/2 days. Doesn't work that way...the person that stated that is in the top 10 and hasn't asked a question in over 15 days. (The rep algorithm is elusive & changing, IMO.)

The questions asked here may seem inane or trivial to you & others. To some they're a fun diversion. A lot are interesting, funny, contain good info & life experiences. Once again, if you don't like a question - pass over it. Doesn't take much to ignore it. ;-)

Observation: Some of the most popular questions recently are those asked by Staff. Interesting? Or not. ;-)


Hahaha... best question as of late.

Tomorrow, can you ask me if I know something else obvious? Please?! :-)


Sometimes people just want to find out what other wooters think about a certain topic or event.

Think about it this way:

Here on woot a discussion about a BOC or woot monkeys is discussed almost everyday, and if you hang out here enough you know whats about to happen and be said/discussed....

But, ask about a BOC or woot monkeys on a different site, with different users and you get different opinions and answers.

Sure we could all discuss the yahoo stories on yahoo, but if I want to know what my fellow wooters are thinking the best place to do that...yep woot. And if I wanted to know what my amazonians are thinking....yep amazon, and reddit etc etc etc.

Its not always about REP..........Just food for thought!


Isn't it the 14th in part of the world?


@jsimsace: Sure, nowwwww it is. That's the brilliance behind this amazing question--you can ask it every day and it's always something new.


@unoriginal26: No, no, no--you're focusing too much on legitimate conversations about real topics. I mean the "good" discussions, like: how many yellow t-shirts do you own? You know, REAL conversation starters that stimulate the sharpest of wits.


@gmwhit: I guess I'm just not that imaginitive. When I read a question asking if I know it's left-handed day, I usually just think, "there's a left-handed day? Hmmm..." and move on. Maybe I'll go back and read the responses you received, as I can't possibly think of how that could start a conversation worth anyone's participation. But I probably won't.


@stormshadow999: Why yes, I did ask that question. But then, it's POINTLESS to ask a question or respond to one today, isn't it?

Carp! (sic on purpose. One must not spell that correctly unless you're talking about BOCs)! I just pointlessly answered again. How pointless of me! :-|

An aside for what it's worth (most likely nothing): I did not vote your question up or down. And, had I any sense, I wouldn't have answered it either. :-/ Perhaps proving that I am senseless & pointless.