questionsjust had an excellent customer service experience…


Nope. But I have had a really crappy one. Several hours on hold with TWC, before they finally escalated the issue. Grrrr.


::snicker:: The "Have you had any lately?" is referring to good Customer Service. know. ;-)

Anyway, I seem to run into really pathetic CS. This was so startling and out of the norm. The coupon was expired. My fault. And yet, they gave me the full amount - $50 off. Amazing. As you can see, I just can't say enough good things about this experience. And Home Depot.


@okham: Sympathetic w/your TWC problem. Been there too many times. Though Brighthouse (TWC by another name) has improved & is semi-efficient now.

But that 'problem' is precisely what I'm talking about - Customer Service, too me, is a contradiction of terms. It's just bad - nearly always. When something good like my experience happens I'm practically euphoric.

Must admit, my jaw dropped. I was stunned. I probably looked like a doddering little old lady. Wanted to kiss the Service Desk rep. I was there w/my handyman; he wanted to do more than kiss her. But that's another story. ;-)


I use a Garmin 610 fitness GPS for running. When I moved I had to take several weeks off. I inadvertently let the unit run all the way down, to a completely flat battery. It wouldn't take a charge, so I called Garmin about it. The unit has a 1 year warranty: this was 13 months. They repaired the unit in warranty, and even did a cross ship exchange.


@gmwhit: actually, you reminded me that I have had a really good experience with Lifeproof recently. One of their folks helped me get a substantial discount on a multiple case order. Thanks for helping me remember the good ones, too. :)


@okham: Know what you mean with Time Warner. I had some issues with them earlier this month (they removed a promo from my account that expired in November 2013). It took several hours and several representatives to make them realize it is November 2012, not 2013.


This happened a few years ago but it's one of my CS stories.

My daughter was to be presented as part of Homecoming Court during a daytime pep rally and needed a special dress. We found a very cute one at a small store near our house, but it had spaghetti straps which were forbidden by the school. A saleslady suggested that a black bolero would cover the straps during the daytime and would really dress it up even more. She helped us scour the store but we couldn't find one. She asked us to wait a minute, then called her husband and had him find her own black bolero and deliver it to us at the store! We had never met this woman before, and she refused to accept anything for the loan of the item, so we made sure to bring flowers to her when we returned it a few days later. Wow!


Right on!

I unfortunately, have had horrendous customer service lately - from many different sources (never at HD.) But it's good to know that HD has been consistently good for you.


I think this is a good place to say that Woot has one of the best customer service (support) departments.


I had macbook pro with Apple care, and I sent my laptop in last Tuesday night, and they sent it back to me fixed Thursday morning. They replaced the logic board, battery, left speaker, the mic, and the top shell.

As for terrible experiences, Comcast takes the prize. There billing is like a box of chocolates, you have no idea what you are going to be charged for. I also have a Tivo, and it appears no one there knows what a cable card is. I do take a shot of whiskey every time I have to be transferred to the "correct" department, and this makes the time go a little more quickly.


I've struck out on both counts, but thanks for asking. :(


Yes. I always do pay by phone on my credit cards, and I have a Citi Thank You card that I recently called in to make a payment. Their system doesn't have a direct line to the pay by phone, and sometimes you get a rep. Usually I'm kicked back into the system, but this time the rep took the payment, and waived the fee for using a rep. When I asked why there isn't just a straight line in, and why I get a rep, they said the way it's set up is if the call volume is low, you get a live person. If it's moderately busy, they kick you back in the system. She did put a note on my account, and it made my day that I didn't have to get put back into the system.