questionsdoes the lightest weight boc get the famous tpw…


I certainly don't know. loud sob


Lightest Weight?


@holymythos: TPW=@threepiecewoot; Lightest Weight=BOC Shipping Weight

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure shipping weight has nothing to do with who receives the coveted letter.

Maybe @threepiecewoot will drop by and shed a little light on the selection process.


So what's so special about the letters? I'm just confused on what they're for/are.


@holymythos: The letters usually lead to a FedEx freight phone call to deliver a pallet of crap (or just something really large)

From August Woot-Off BOC- (courtesy of dernst_ca1)


@holymythos: They say to expect your third POC in a separate delivery! It's usually something big or super funny.


Ahh, thanks for clarifying. I want one of those!


No the package weights have zero to do with the chance of getting a letter from everything I could tell. In fact one of the more recent letters informed of the process (for that particular letter...I'm sure the criteria changes from time to time).

TPW simply walked in and placed it in the first package he saw!


@underinsomnia: thank you for including that youtube link! It was fun to watch. ...never had an interest in the BOC but now I do!


@cindihoward: No problem! I honestly had not known about the letters until I finally scored my 1st BOC! I have been on the 9/14 BOC thread and there were many mentions of this letter. So I looked up the thread from the August BOC and saw how awesome this is!


I may have to rethink my BOC-acquisiton efforts. The idea of 1700 pounds of car wax being unloaded on my driveway is a bit daunting.

(Who knew there was such a treasure trove of BOC videos on youtube!)


Bonoman is correct. There is no correlation and it is totally random.

Some pretty great things have come from the letters over the years. I do believe one time two letters went to the same household, but in different BoC events. The first letter ever caught on video was sent to a dude working in a mall. A person once posted that they got a letter, but then never posted up what they got after (I hope they are ok!). A couple people in rural areas had to go pick up the crap at FedEx. Pallets of army men, coffee makers, a custom Woot necklace, new old stock from the 50's...too much crap for me to list!

Thanks for posting, Woot's community ftw!


From what I've experienced, weight is seldom indicative of what you receive at all. There's generally the main items everyone seems to get so the weights tend to hover around a general amount, but often being light or heavy doesn't tell you a great deal. Also the Letter BOCs always contain a general assortment of craps as well so you can't tell while it's en route.


@threepiecewoot: Thank you for stopping by and answering this for us!

And thank you fellow wooters for taking time out to answer my question!


@underinsomnia: That video explains so much, about what is listed on Bay!