questionswhat is the best room size humidifier?


Just saw a really nice one...hmm... If I remember the name in the next day or so I will post that back.
I was impressed by the features. It had a humidistat and hygrometer . With the cheap ones ( they do work ) It's either on or off and I have a separate hygrometer to gauge its use.
Of course "do I get a shock when I touch my cat" works well too. =P

If you leave them off for any period of time the filter gets nasty. I don't like to put chemicals in mine. It is so small that it is easy to clean regularly. ( I used some white vinegar and water )
The filters, of course, are what add up over time. I do buy them in quantity from Best Filters or amazon. Sometimes Best Filters has a nice sale and coupon code thing going on.

Size ? I keep the little ones that hold a couple gallons each in different rooms. Then the room w/ the humidifier doesn't get overdone in order for the rest of the house to get to comfort level. Plus easy to clean and fill. I am tempted by new one w/ features.


@computiac: I think that one is too big for your needs. 9 gallons is a lot. It says 2,300 sq '
That means water will sit in that tank and on the filter and get icky.

I do like that it has a filter and a couple settings. I'll see if I can find that one I saw w/ the monitoring gauge.

Yes ! I can help you with the cat thing. PM me your addy and you'll be all set : )


I tried room sized for awhile but I found my best solution was a Honeywell Quietcare HCM-6009 whole house. Just used it during the winter 1 filter no smell.


I live in south Louisiana. We have no need for humidifiers here, we just open a window. It always interests me when people buy these because we had to buy a DEhumidifier.

Somewhere there is a happy medium, I guess.


First, you need to decide what type of humidifier you are looking for - warm or cool mist, or whether a dual unit would be more convenient. If you're not sure, learn the difference between a warm and cool mist humidifier to help you determine what is best for you. Read why some feel a cool mist is safer when young children are present. There are also models that humidify and purify (or wash) the air - these are usually a more expensive, but may be worth considering. For more about maintaining a proper home humidity, read Controlling Home Moisture and learn why too little or too much humidity can be problematic.