questionsanyone interested in a woot! ncaa tourny bracket…


nah, my bracket is going to be so bad, i only do it with my girlfriend and her brother for the laughs, its really embarrasing when my girlfriend wins because she based her picks on the team mascots (happened last year...)


If there's nothing we have to wage in order to participate, what is preventing people from making hundreds of bets on different accounts? If there is a bracket, there should be no monetary gain from such a contest.


maybe we could have a different type of bracket contest. the home woot dysons vs the original woot tablets


I won a golden bag of crap in the deals.woot fantasy football league last year. No word when I will be getting that ... Still. I'm not bitter, just annoyed. If you want a prize if you win, do yourself a favor and plan on getting one for yourself.


@curtisuxor: The fact that I'm lazy and don't want to register hundreds of e-mail accounts just for a shot at first prize.