questionswhich security camera combo is best?


cont.... obviously, not being rich, i can't afford a $10,000 system, but i'd like something high end that i can install myself. i work with AV equipment for a living so running cable and mounting them will be no problem. i just have no idea what equipment i will need to get the clear image i am looking for. Do any of you have experience with these kinds of systems? have any of you bought them from woot when they have a deal and are satisfied? never having bought anything like this before i'm not really sure where to start. I will also most likely buy high end trail cams to cover the entrances, just in case tehy make off with my DVR. Anyway, if any of you have any experience with security cams i'd greatly appreciate your help. and i'm not trying to be a dick, but if your solution is to have a security system installed, please dont respond. i dont want a security system, and there cameras are known for being (profanity) anyway. thanks in advance for your help


The Zmodo ones you see on woot won't give you a really clear picture, but if you're just covering entrances the burglar should be close enough to the camera for you to make a positive ID. I installed a Zmodo system at my ma's house and it works pretty well. Motion detection, recording, and video playback are acceptable. I could never get it working to stream video over the Internet, but I think that had more to do with her satellite Internet provider. Instead, she can use Remote Desktop orTeamviewer/Splashtop to remote into the PC at her house to view the video stream. (a little choppy, but works)
Some of the deals on woot don't come with hard drives. This might be a good thing if you already have one to put in there. Pay attention to the camera types, some have built in microphones and some don't. Additionally, some DVRs have audio and video inputs whereas others are just video. (if audio is important to you)
I have a Foscam indoor cam and an outdoor cam hooked to a PC for my needs.


@bsmith1: thanks so much for your response. the Zmodo ones might be good for entrances but i will need to look for something better for my large areas. I want to put one on my roof that will catch any car pulling in my driveway. I also found some online that are specifically for license plates, which i may end up getting. i think i may have to break down and call an actual security camera retailer, i just hate dealing with sales people. Thanks again for your help


@ndcouch - - So, what was the outcome for your solution?

I am in a similar situation, and was looking at these zmodo and other woot security cam setups.