questionshave you ever used a warranty on a mattress?


If your mattress went bad in just a couple of months, I'd really like to know the brand and store -- we're going to be shopping for a new mattress within the month.

(Our current one is 15 years old and has just become too concave for comfort.)


@magic cave: Well, I was really hoping for some more comments and conversation before I spill it, but oh well. I guess you'll have to do!

I bought it at Mattress Warehouse, it is a "Sleep and Health Ridgefield Firm". I should have known it was a piece of crap when the salesman told me they handle all the warranty work for that brand in-house and I should not contact the manufacturer.

Like I said in my previous post, I have spent $400 and I have spent $1,200 on mattresses - they all turn into bowls. This time I didn't want to put more than $1,000 into it. Ticket Price on the "Sleep and Health" was $750. I also purchased a matching foundation and a new bed frame with a center support bar. With discounts and sleight of hand included, my total was $980. Certainly one can get a decent mattress for that price? Apparently not.

So now I will slog back to the store with my $500 credit in hand and probably have to shell out another $700 to get anything decent.


@hot72chev: Oh, gosh, I'm sorry to hear it's as bad as it is. Thanks for sharing the merchant and model information.

In yet another of Life's little coincidences, the latest issue of Consumer Reports arrived yesterday with a new article on mattress sellers.

Mattress Warehouse didn't fare very well: 12th out of their list of 15 in customer-satisfaction ratings.

If you're not a subscriber you can probably read the article at your local library. You can also get some info under the Home & Garden tab here:

You might also want to spring the $6.95 for a one-month subscription to their online magazine, which will have all the data from this month's magazine. If you do this, that Home & Garden tab has a lot of miscellaneous mattress/sleeping info you can access.


@magic cave: Thanks! I did get some good information from your link. It just doesn't make any sense. A cheap mattress should be less satisfactory than an expensive mattress, but that does not always seem to be the case. If I thought "you get what you pay for" was the rule, I'd be way less frustrated here and more willing to sink some big bucks into this purchase.

By the way, what is this magical mattress you have gotten 15 years of use out of?


@hot72chev: I learned a long time ago is that it's impossible to compare a name-brand mattress at Sears with the same brand at, say, Mattress Outlet, because each has their own product line named just for them by each manufacturer. So the Extra Super Comfy Firm Queen by Brand X at Sears may in fact be the exact same mattress as the Wonder Special Amazing Firm Queen by Brand X at Mattress Outlet, but none of us can figure that out.

My own rule of thumb (finally, the answer to your question!) is to buy a known name-brand mattress at a known name-brand store and hope for the best. My current full-size mattress and box spring cost $400 at a Rooms-To-Go in 1998. (Remember, that $400 also had to cover the RTG's cost of selling it to me at a no-interest price.) Both The Spouse and I are overweight, but it's only been in the last six months or so that it's really developed concave sleeping areas. I figure we've gotten full value on it.

It's really all just a crap shoot, I think.