questionswhat the hack is with all the downvotes?


Sounds like bots and boredom to me.


I've noticed it too, and just assume it is some people's way of trolling.


I like that you post the Kindle ebook deals. Thank you.


We've apparently go to put more positive vibes out there.

I like your postings. Keep it up. Don't let the trolls get you down.


@wilfbrim, I just voted them all up. I do like to be helpful now and then.

Down votes are not a sign that something actually sucks, and up votes are not a sign that something is any good, sadly. Down voting just shows that some people have too much time on their hands, and are stuck on mean and hateful. I'd rather be funny (or at least funny-looking).

It's Two for Tuesday (or at least it used to be). Maybe I can go vote up your kindle deals twice! :-D


down voting has been high lately....I hope its not because people don't like the books, thats just dumb.


I don't think it has anything to do with the book, I think as stated earlier you will always have haterz. At one point I was taking it personally, I thought I said something to upset a few people. But I have come to realize that people WILL downvote for no reason at all.

And to those people I say....STOP THE E-THUGGERY!


Someone used their right to vote and I don't like it.
Boo Hoo

It's there for us to use. Don't take it personal. People downvote. It happens.
This comment is going to get downvoted. How much do I care. None.


Or it's because people like (mod: personal attack removed, not cool): get some inner self satisfaction by bringing down those around them and being able to hide behind that fancy gaming keyboard. mommy problems? maybe. self esteem issues? likely. either way it's not you, it's them. :-P


@nmchapma: So that begs the question, what kind of keyboard are you hiding behind?


@nmchapma: Really? That's how you want to go about this?
I was just stating that people can vote and will the way they chose to.
I have never downvoted one of his deals, nor have I upvoted one. They don't apeal to me so I leave them be.

What gives you the right to sit and poke and instigate behind your keyboard any more than me? (not saying I ever was or am)
Just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean you have to ensue I have problems in my life that make me not agree with something. I don't agree with his question on the grounds that it makes him unhappy people don't vote for his deal. I was telling him it's nothing personal and it's not the end of the world.

WTF has happened to Woot!? This use to be a community where people helped people and had fun. Not sling insults and ensue things about people they don't know because they don't understand a comment not aimed at you. Now it's all upvotes and rep.
That's all I have to say on the matter. You have a nice day.


@jrpigman: Did anyone notice this kid pissed himself too?


@wickedd365: I don't disagree with your statements, but I think what @nmchapma found offensive was your opening comment. You wrote:

"Someone used their right to vote and I don't like it. Boo Hoo."

We all need to remember that text doesn't have a sense of humor. Your message was actually in the second part of your post:

"It's there for us to use. Don't take it personal. People downvote. It happens.
This comment is going to get downvoted. How much do I care. None."

The unfortunate exchange could have been avoided if you had just stuck to the second part of your post and skipped the first part which, I'm sure, was seen to be, well, snarky.

I hope no one takes offense at THIS comment. I just hate to see my DW friends quarreling.


@blgauthier: I agree about text, completely. I had an employee who was great at her job, but somehow managed to step on toes with her emails. We finally worked out a deal. For several weeks I proofed all of her emails and memos to management and helped her make them more, well, friendly, She finally got the hang of it, She was a great person, but just couldn't see how she came across until I pointed it out to her over and over for a while.

Regarding the downvoting, I have to agree with the OP. I haven't noticed it so much today, but for the last couple of days the downvoting was wild! I got two downvotes on a few posts within seconds of posting the. I went through all of the fresh posts and saw that EVERY deal had received two downvotes. I assume that someone (or two someones) just went down the page downvoting. Several of the items posted received dozens of upvotes eventually, so they weren't bad deals. Maybe some folks were just having a bad day. You can't take it personally.


@belyndag: I think that I noticed the downvoting spree mostly on your deals. I haven't had a chance to check the fresh tab that frequently the last few weeks, but I did a few days ago and noticed a deal you posted that was at -1 when it was for something that would normally be very popular. I upvoted because I liked it and thought it was a good deal as well, but I remember being surprised by that.

As to the OP, please keep posting those deals, I really appreciate them. If I don't care about a book, I just leave it alone.


@coondogg97: As ridiculous as it sounds, for the last few days the thought has crossed my mind that someone was downvoting every deal that I voted for. Then I realized that there was a bigger downvoting issue and that I shouldn't flatter myself so much. Should we take away the downvote? I'm for it...either vote positive or don't vote.


By the way, OP, don't worry too much. Somehow I have attracted a few stalkers, too. I just have to ignore them. :)


@mkdr: Whew! So I wasn't just being paranoid!


@lll0228: What's interesting about this user is they show only 8 upvotes but 4 pages of downvotes. I thought when they implemented the downvoting there was a ratio algorithm...a wooter would earn the ability to downvote when they upvoted. Am I remembering this wrong?


@ohcheri: And I see that this person has only added two deals, both several months ago, and both Kindle deals! Yet he/she routinely votes down Kindle deals. Very strange. I've had a couple of deal stalkers since I've been here, but neither lasted this long. This person has been downvoting @wilfbrim for 3 months!


@wickedd365: Someone used their right to reply to my post and I don't like it.
Boo Hoo


@darkinc: just the normal kind. I don't play games. I do have a fancy gaming mouse (Woot! refurb!) that I use for drafting at work. You can't really hide behind it though. it's a bit too small.


@nmchapma: Really?
Get over yourself already. It's done. Drop it.


@lll0228: I've seen your stalkers at work and always make a point to upvote your deals when I see them.

And, yes, I have a very active anti-fan club. When downvoting was introduced it made me crazy! Before I voted for a deal/comment/question I would scurry around and check that person's voting history. If they downvoted me, I downvoted them. (so there....pfffft!) Then I realized all that bad energy was counter-productive so now I don't bother. Haters gonna hate and I just have to assume they have an unhappy life, otherwise why fill this little website with animosity? Better to feel pity for them than anger.


Okay folks, I dig a great meta discussion like everyone else, but when it starts getting into personal attacks and directly "naming and shaming" people for voting (look! look at their voting record!), we're going too far and need to stop it.

It's true, a fair lot of us have stalkers. It is a big community and that's going to happen.

I assure you all it is not the end of the world.


@jsimsace: You said: "Should we take away the downvote? I'm for it...either vote positive or don't vote."

I do not down vote deals or questions. Never have. Abstaining is my way of down voting. Or maybe it's apathy. Or...maybe I'm saying this deal/question doesn't interest me. I know most do down vote, and that's okay, too. For me, it's a negative feeling. I'd rather not own that feeling & just 'pass on by.'

Apparently the down vote virus has infected deals and it's causing an illness. Then again, this issue (virus?) does come up periodically, doesn't it?


@wilfbrim, I have a question about your daily Kindle deal (and wanted to ask it here, out of the way). It seems that you post either a Fantasy or a Science Fiction Kindle deal. Is it only one or the other, or are you just choosing the one that looks good. You're now part of my morning (I automatically vote up your Kindle deals), and have started to notice a pattern. I have no interest in Fantasy books, but there have been some really good Science Fiction books that you posted back when I wasn't paying attention.

Forgive my laziness, but Amazon is so annoying with deciding what I do and don't like, that I just dread checking it myself. I wish they honored the removal of items from one's browsing history, but they don't.


Just out of curiosity I checked all of the top deals today and every one (at the time I checked) had at least 3 downvotes, despite dozens of upvotes. Some had 7 or 8 downvotes. These are good deals, with no negative comments. I wonder if some unhappy people are just clicking through to downvote everything.

Hmmm. I'm sure there is medication available for this.