questionsanyody have any good deals on a decent size…


Ooh, I'd love to see some results on this one too. My current crappy Office Max student desk is starting to look a little sad.


This one has ample space and positive reviews but it's glass and some don't like them:

similar but not glass with great reviews:

How much are you wanting to spend? That can really make a difference in what you should look for. Here's a nice exectutive desk, but the price would push most people away:

I like corner desks, but with a less modern look to them. If you buy one that's made of real wood, you'll spend more, but you'll have something that will still be worth what you paid for it:


there's one, out front, on the sidewalk - free. no shipping.


Craigslist constantly has computer desks being offloaded for various reasons. People move and offices downsize because of the recession. Buying something like this new is a mistake.

The classic computer desk is the Jerker from Ikea, now only available in the used market. Very sturdy and also works as a standing desk.