questionshave you tried clicking on the square and…


It finally showed up when I purged the cookies and the cache from chrome. My fault for complaining before I tried that.


@catbertthegreat: Yeah, but the click on the square thing is COOL. I love new toys. I never would have found this if I hadn't been looking at the javascript, trying to find out what was keeping the two of you from seeing the same things that I did. Serendipity is my favorite thing ever.


Well that is a fun little trick.


@catbertthegreat: Before clearing your cache, did you try clicking where the triangle was supposed to be on deals and the triangle on regular woot? (BTW, the triangle is missing on regular woot, too.) The "invisible" triangle link still works...odd.


@jokofoto: yes, nothing happened for me. Again chrome is kind of funny sometimes.


@catbertthegreat: So I cleared my cache in Chrome, but only for the day, and it didn't work. So I cleared everything and when I logged back into deals, the rep triangle was there.

So over in Firefox, I just logged out and logged back in and lo and behold, the rep triangle appeared.

I'm wondering if a log out/log in is required whenever an update is made. On my home computer, I let some passwords get saved (deals, for one) so I hadn't logged out (and therefore not in) recently.


@jokofoto: You don't have to save your passwords to preserve your session. Woot's cookies are pretty generous. I think the timeout is two weeks from when you log in until it autologs your out. Saving passwords: shudder Even for something as silly as Woot, my password is reasonably hard.

I never ever EVER allow a stupid BROWSER to save my passowrds (or data to enter into forms). I am paranoid (and not a novice in the security area, thank you very much), and have no intention of trusting the data store in a browser, no matter which one, to properly encrypt and save passwords. I don't mind having a persistent cookie for Woot, but if I cared, I'd just log in each and every time. This is as it should be.


I love it! Nice shortcut, thanks for the heads up.


@shrdlu: Eh, by "saved" I meant that I don't specifically logout before I leave the page. Typically, I logout when I leave a website, but with the woots, I don't.


@jokofoto: Ah. Different. Most browsers seem to have that extraordinarily annoying feature built in (Chrome, for example). Yeah, there are some features of Woot and it's changes that don't seem to show up unless and until you log out and then log back in. I don't think all that cache clearing is necessary, just the credential refresh should do it.


wow, I would have NEVER figured that out!! My feelings are hurt that I have never had what they would consider a "quailty post"!


@cgstuff: Quality posts only mean that you posted something informative, ON THE FORUM, that had to do with whatever the deal of that day was, on one of the Woot sites. There are plenty of times that I've been helpful and kind, and none of those are quality posts. The QP that I get credit for were because I said something informative on a particular Woot of the day.

I should add that during Wootoffs, no one (or almost no one) ever gets a QP, which is as it should be.


@shrdlu: that's good to know... I feel better now! =) Thanks!


Learning something new everyday !!


Your FACE is full of stars! HEY-O!!!

...wait, what?