questionsany deals on 2012 tax software yet?


What is the benefit of using software opposed to the web-based solutions? I've used HR Block and Turbo Tax online. Based on how much you earn, it's only like $20 to file each year. Is it "free" to file if you prepared your taxes with the software you've purchased?


@bsmith1: A good sale will get you under $10 for the software and include a free e-filing.


For Costco members who use Turbo Tax they usually have the best price in their January coupon book. It includes a $10 off coupon good on any of the TT software they sell, which is generally already priced pretty good. The coupon is good for 2 copies and most Costcos will give you extra coupon books at the customer service desk. You can only purchase 2 at a time so to get more you'd have to come back along with another book. I generally purchase 3 copies, one for myself and 2 for relatives.


@bsmith1: One big benefit is that you have a copy of the software and the file for future reference. If something happens and you have to go back and figure out what you did and what happened, it is all there, including worksheets (which some online solutions don't provide).

I don't know if I'll be having an accountant do mine again this year (I'm kind of complicated, rental property in a different state, and several income streams) or take a swing on my own. I had done my own every year until last year.


@wilfbrim: Both TurboTax and HR Block online allow you to view past returns online. Additionally, you can save or print the entire tax return when you're done. I save a PDF and print a copy every year just in case the online solution disappears. You get the actually worksheets and everything.