questionsanyone up for an item challenge search?


Part Two:

Gear #2: Rolling Bag/Suitcase/Backpack
So my books came in last week, and I felt bad because my grandma nearly broke her back when she tried carrying the box in (I wasn't home). But you get the idea, there is no way I am going to carry these books on my back so I'm looking for those rolling bags without looking like a total nerd.

What I'm looking for:
- Durable, yet not so noisy wheels that wouldn't turn heads when I walk down the library asile.
- Laptop Compartment.
- Plenty of space.
- Essentially a rolling bag to put binders, books, laptops and such.
- Size doesn't matter but small isn't the option.
- Under $50 (but if there is anything pricier but better I may consider)

Haven't found anything yet..

(cont below)


Part three:

Cheaper is better though! I can't believe I just dropped like $60 (like an hour ago) here, $13 here and $8 here. And here I am switching between regretting it and not every now and then. But it was a pretty sweet hobby that sparked recently, but I assure you... I'm going to stop bidding now that I think I got everything I wanted. Priorities much?

So thanks for helping me out! Feel free to ask me more questions to narrow things down. If you found something that I end up really wanting and bought it, I'll reward you with something if you'd like! How about a Redbox rental code on me?

As for possible stores, I would say brick & motar stores are OK but I prefer Amazon or eBay (or similar) which are usually cheaper.

If you actually have the type of things I'm asking for and you own one, I'd like to know how what you think about it!

Thanks again!

- @JoshObra


For the bag, look to places like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They get decent luggage at decent prices. I'll be hitting up a Marshalls soon to try and find a small suitcase that has 360 wheels. You might even find a decent watch there.

EDIT: for the watch, how is this or this? Both have second hands, though only the first is digital.

Also, if you use Firefox or Chrome, get the Invisible Hand extention. It'll price check any shopping website and let you know of a cheaper price. Told me that one of those watches is a buck cheaper on Newegg, for instance.


@thedogma: Good idea to look for bags, I'll check those stores out this weekend.

As for the watches, nope. Has to be digital AND analog, like the one from my first post. Just looking out if there is anything better out there.

As for the chrome extension, great idea! I currently use camelcamelcamel but it only tells me the price trend.. not where it's cheaper elsewhere.

Thanks for the reply!


Beware rolling bags when heavily loaded with textbooks. I hear from student friends that the extensible handles always break quickly.


@joshobra: Sure thing! I'll keep my eyes open, let you know if I find anything more


@joshobra: Hey man, my GF just went through this Nursing School thing (just aced her first Patho test!). SO if you need a little insider information, just let me know.

btw, the watch looks great! Wish I could find one in womens! She had to settle for one similar to @thedogma 's suggestion


For a watch what about one of these:
The first one looks to be a little smaller and lighter. And it's cheaper.

If you want something that's water proof (above are only water they'll probably survive a splash of water but not swimming or possibly showering) and has features like a stop watch and timer, there's this one:
But it is significantly more expensive.



Awesome! I'll let you know. :) Thanks!


First two links doesn't have second hands. The third link however, I like the style and it's what I'm looking for. But as for the weight, it's seven times heavier than the watch on my first post (because it's metal). But that third link is the kind of watch I'm looking for, but lightweight!

To be honest, having metal watches makes me feel like I'm wearing handcuffs (I have awfully weak arms). So that's why I wanted a lightweight watch with the features I described.

Thanks for helping everyone! Keep the lookout coming!


@joshobra: You'd better start working out then. Rolling dead weight is not a good time. Sure, they tell you they've got lifts to help you move the patients but that's like "no wait" DMV lines. Theoretically they exist but you might never see one in the really real world.


Casio's pretty much your best option. I'd go with the one you found or something similar-- But definitely Casio.

Also, if you want something a little dressier, you can try this one: It's not too expensive, and looks decent enough. Invicta is a decent quartz watch brand.



1st link were one of the ones I've considered getting based on my first post. By the looks of everything, I guess Casio is the way to go. The major difference is that it also has a digital clock, whereas the one I posted only has the date.

2nd link is pricey and not really my type of watch to wear.

3rd link however seems really nice and I would consider getting, but the case being metal I would assume it would weigh so much. But according to amazon it doesn't weigh much and I can't really find other sources with its actual weight.

Thanks for helping me out!