questionshow do i offer a deal using an amazon coupon?


Thank you for considering offering an additional discount for Wootizens. We're all eager for good deals that are even better with special discounts!

I haven't a clue how to do it, but if @thunderthighs is working today perhaps she'll drop by with some info. Or you can go here and fill in a request for assistance.

One caveat for you: All Amazon and ebay merchants must have at least 1000 feedback ratings in order for their deals to be posted here. If you don't meet that requirement, your deal(s) will be reported and deleted.

You've probably checked this stuff out, in case you haven't you can learn more here: and here:


I don't see the deal that you mentioned. It may have been deleted for not meeting our Amazon store requirements.

For future reference, you can just put the coupon code in the description, reply to the deal, or tattle on it to be added if you can no longer edit the post.


@magic cave: Thank you - I di not see that caveat when I posted the deal up - what is meant by "1000 feedback ratings" - Im assuming you are not talking like 1000 reviews? I have maybe given 1000 feedback ratings. Where would I find out how many feedback ratings I have give - and how would I increase this quickly to get to be someone who can post on here? Thanks for any further advice you have on this. - All the best from Sam


@proprotector: I believe the requirement is that you (or the Amazon Store in question) have received at least 1000 feedback ratings as a Seller. Your product does not need 1000 reviews. It doesn't matter how many ratings you have given.


@nmchapma: I#m sorry but you continue to have me over a barrel. I have no idea where I can see how many feedback ratings my product has got. It is nowhere on the listing page that I can see. This is the first I have ever heard of such a thing. My product currently has 5 x 5-star ratings. I cannot see any other reference to any other kind of feedback rating on the page. Can you please explain further where I can find this statistic. Thank you and best wishes - Sam


@proprotector: Hi, Sam! Yes, the "1000 feedback ratings" means you must have received (not given) at least that many reviews. As someone else noted, the 1000 doesn't have to be for any particular product; it's the total number of reviews/ratings your business has received that matters.

To find your own ratings count, go to the Amazon page where your merchandise is sold and click on your company's name. (It will say something like "Sold by SamsBusiness and fulfilled by Amazon.") That will take you to the page where your company's reviews are tallied. Here's another merchant's page so you can see what I'm talking about: On the right side of the page look for "Feedback History" and check the column titled "Lifetime." That's the count Woot is looking for.

The feedback criteria is to ensure that only long-time, established merchants post here. I'm sorry, but since this is a volume-of-sales issue, I don't know any way to get your ratings count up quickly.


@proprotector: Sorry I didn't get back online sooner to answer your questions, Sam.


@proprotector: Here's the link to that other merchant's listing page

See where it says in green typeface: IN STOCK? To see that merchant's ratings you would click on his name just under the green type.