questionswhat are your favorite time wasting sites?


You mean other than, right?

Any of the sites - I can almost always find something that makes me laugh.

If you like the games sites, has a ton of great games too.


@durkzilla: Dang, you beat me to failblog! I also like


I have followed certain cases on crime boards, love to drop in to my favorite high-end fashion sites (both for me and the home) - but rarely purchase, is a great site for frequent flyers and to potentially catch word of a great deal, (only their stuff, not their affiliates) used to be a real favorite until a lot of people "found" it. There were even traffic signals on there last week. Gone now.
If traveling, is a great site to research what you need to; if checking on realestate in certain areas they cover, is really good. I am an excellent time waster on the internet. I can get lost for hours on end - must stop now. I need to get SOMETHING done today.

vote-for1vote-against (man's take on celeb gossip) (randomness depository) (phlog) (awesome top 10 lists) (geek heaven) (hilarity) (random gifs)

Some of my favs


@durkzilla: in the realm of games, has some great flash NES games. I'm on punch out all the time, and I still can't make it past King Hippo :/


I fully recommend for all your internet time wasting needs. It's even available on Android now! (Which I've been told is a horrible mistake and you should consider yourself lucky if you can resist it.)