questionshow to acquire reputation quickly?


Rule of thumb is to:

1. Post great deals. The better the deal, the most up-votes from other users of the site and your reputation will increase.
2. Vote for good deals. If you vote for a deal and others vote for the same deal after you then you can get good rep points. On the other hand, if you vote for crappy deals, that can hurt your reputation because others will not vote for the same deal.
3. Participate in the question/answer forum. Answer questions with good comments and other readers will upvote those comments. Also vote for good questions and vote for good comments.
4. Tattle on some expired deals that others have posted.
5. Stay active on the site.
6. Visit the leaderboard page. It will give you clues on what you can do to increase your reputation.


@cengland0: Thank you very much,you are really a warm-hearted man/lady! I will appreciate your good answer and abide by the rules of the site!


@steward Go streaking through the place. Reputation is instant and permanent.


I've always heard that you have to pick out the biggest guy in the place and talk bad about the deals he's posted. That will earn you a rep real quick.


@jeffrjohn: LOL,Thanks! This sound very interesting! Maybe I should have a try!


@ki4rxm: Thank you guys very much! :)